Why have a prepartum hospital visit before delivering your baby?

Why have a prepartum hospital visit before delivering your baby?

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The last weeks of pregnancy are a coming and going of emotions and feelings that turn everything upside down: is everything ready for the baby's arrival? Do we have everything we need? Have I closed all my 'pending' business? When will the time come? Will I know how to recognize it? And what will we do when it arrives? Which hospital to choose for the birth of my baby? To resolve this last question, nothing like make a prepartum visit to the hospital where you will deliver your baby. If you want to know what it is, I'll tell you!

It is this last question that we are going to focus on today, because there are many doubts that we can ask ourselves when deciding on one site or another based on our preferences. The Internet can be a good place to find information on the type of care or services offered by each hospital through the pages of the different health services or in those of each center. But without any doubt, What can help us the most to see if this is the place we are looking for is to make a visit to the hospital before delivery.

In recent years, most hospitals are beginning to offer this service. They usually bring together a group of women / families in the last trimester of pregnancy and a visit is made through the different services, imitating the route that a woman would take from admission to return home. Prior to this tour, or sometimes during it, there is a brief explanation of the services to be visited, the routines or activities that are carried out in each of them, and the doubts of the attendees are resolved.

Although each center has its rules and its way of acting, in general the visits usually take place in the following way: it begins with the emergency service, which is the most common entrance door to the hospital.

From there you will go to the obstetric unit, where you can visit the dilatation rooms and delivery rooms. This is where you will spend the hours before your baby is born, so it doesn't hurt to think about how we can do to 'accommodate' them to our liking so that the stay is more bearable: light, candles, music, pilates ball ... Sometimes the center can provide us with these elements, and if not, we can take them from home if they are important for our well-being.

Finally we will visit the maternity ward, which is the floor where mothers stay with their babies. Sometimes you can also visit the nursery, the nest or other rooms depending on the services available at the hospital.

These visits are usually made by midwives, and as you go through the different spaces, they tell you what can happen in each one, what are the usual procedures, rules, etc. Sometimes other professionals also participate, such as nurses, gynecologists, pediatricians, anesthetists ... So it is a good opportunity to ask all your questions.

These visits are very beneficial for future moms and dads, Since knowing in advance the space where you are going to be on the day of delivery can give you peace of mind: having previously seen the way to get there, the entrance door, who to contact, what is the usual route once there, where you can enter and exit the companion, where is the waiting room, or the coffee machine!

They are little things that can help us to reduce the nerves of that day. So I encourage you to visit your hospital, ask everything you need and become familiar with it. It is a great way to increase our confidence and security.

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