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Tricks to clear a stuffy nose in children

Tricks to clear a stuffy nose in children

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Children tend to suffer a lot of discomfort throughout the day, and a very common one is stuffy nose. This area can become clogged due to sudden changes in temperature, a flu process that has not fully cured, or an extremely dry environment that requires more humidity.

To alleviate the annoying feeling of not being able to breathe through the nose due to a plug, gives us the best infallible tricks to alleviate nasal congestion in children.

- Nasal aspirator
It is a pharmacy medicine that consists of aspirate the mucosa or the blockage that exists inside the child's nose, clearing its interior thanks to its antihistamine effect. This product is recommended to be used very carefully, and very few times in order not to achieve the dreaded rebound effect with a blocked nose, because it can multiply the effect. It is only necessary to squeeze the applicator of the nasal aspirator without being too incisive so as not to hurt the child in the nostrils.

- Eucalyptus mist
To get relief from children's blockage in the nose easily and naturally, there is nothing like the Eucalyptus leaves boiled. It is necessary to put water at high temperature in a pot, and add the leaves so that they leave a rich aroma. When the child faces it, he must breathe in its scent so that the eucalyptus, with its decongesting properties, acts on the nose.

- Warm compress under the nose
Taking into account that a large part of the plug can be due to too dry a climate, or a lack of a cool environment at home or even at school, it is necessary that the part of the nose look fresh again. Therefore, it is necessary that this area be moistened, something that is achieved with compresses soaked in warm water under the nose, so that the freshness rises and the nostrils are cleared.

- Steam bath
As with pimples and pimples in children, steam baths are very necessary to decongest areas of the skin. This is also useful for the stuffy nose, because many times it is not due to mucosa, but to a situation due to the environment or even contamination, which prevents them from breathing normally. To alleviate the clogging, we have to try to get the child to breathe the steam generated by the boiled water in a saucepan, so that their nostrils open naturally.

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