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15 experts in infant feeding that you should follow on social networks

15 experts in infant feeding that you should follow on social networks

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New technologies have given us access to more information on health and nutrition issues. There are tens, hundreds and thousands of web pages or Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts that give advice on how to take care of yourself and how to prepare healthy and healthy recipes for the family. With so much information, we run the risk of falling into the trap of false nutritionists or dietitians. In we have compiled a list of best experts in infant feeding.

Why is ketchup not good? How to make the child eat fruits and vegetables regularly? What can I prepare for my children's snack? If you want to make a change in your family's daily diet and you are looking for advice and ideas, be sure to follow the following experts in this field!

1. Garcia Apothecary
Behind Boticaria García hides María García, a doctor in pharmacy and a graduate in human nutrition and dietetics. She started her journey on the internet (you can find her on her website, her YouTube channel or on her social networks) because she was tired of the hoaxes that circulated on the net and she wanted to write questions related to health and nutrition in a simple way. How much we have to thank you!

2. Carlos Casabona
Why do you eat sausages? And chips? Why don't you eat more vegetables? Stop blaming others because, as pediatrician Carlos Casanova says, you are what you eat, so then don't complain about whether you have obesity or cardiovascular problems. It is in you and only in you to change this situation.

3. Carlos Rios
"We do not eat real food, but products that have been put before our eyes." This is the great claim made by this non-conformist dietitian and nutritionist who created the RealFooding movement. Through his website, his book and his social networks, Carlos wants to fight against processed food so that everyone, adults and children, can eat real food again.

4. Dinners for kids
From her Instagram account, María, a journalist and mother of four children, wants to discover other women in the same situation an easy, fast and healthy way to feed the little ones in the house. When you meet her, your children will stop asking you: "Mom, what do we have for dinner today?" You will have thousands of ideas!

5. Tell me what you eat
Lucía Martínez, dietician and nutritionist, is behind this Instagram account focused on a vegetarian diet with a conscience. We like it because Lucia gives us, for example, ideas for vegan breakfasts, but she also reports on the 10 worst things about being vegetarian.

6. Doctor Carlos Jaramillo
From Colombia, Carlos Jaramillo endorses the motto that Thomas Alva Edison launched in his day: "The doctor of the future will not treat with drugs, but rather he will cure and prevent diseases with nutrition." And it works through its website and its social networks offering advice to promote a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

7. Futurlife21
Changing lifestyles is not done from one day to the next, it takes time. Elena Pérez, founder of Futurlife 21, knows a lot about this, a woman who is against diets and methods and is in favor of implanting healthy eating habits in people that accompany us throughout our lives. Do we start together?

8. Today we eat healthy
After wandering through Inés's Instagram, the idea that eating healthy is boring will disappear from your head. His passion for cooking began with his grandmother and, since then, he has opted for a varied diet, based on real food, in which vegetables, legumes, cereals, fruits and healthy fats predominate. You sign up?

9. Juan Llorca
It is not only important to know what is healthy and what is harmful to our health, it is also important to know how to prepare delicious and tasty recipes and proposals, and this chef with more than 22 years of profession and passionate about nutrition and child food, responsible, knows a lot about this , in addition, the first 100% Montessori school in Valencia (Spain).

10. Julio Basulto
As the father of three daughters, Julio knows perfectly how important a healthy diet is for a child to grow up healthy and strong, that is why this expert dietician and nutritionist offers on his blog and through his social networks the best advice so that parents can feed our children with a head at all stages of their life.

11. Laura López
Can you imagine eating healthy pizzas, empanadas or savory cakes? Stop imagining and visit the instagram profile or the #lachicadeltarro website, as she likes to be called this passionate about nutrition and healthy life. When you see everything he has prepared for you, you won't want to leave the kitchen!

12. Megasilvita
Raise your hand to the person whose mouth is watering with a chocolate and strawberry cake or those who dream every day of putting a super fluffy donuts in their mouth? If you miss out on sweets, you should follow Silvia Alcedo Gutiérrez's Instagram account now: lots of healthy eating and, above all, desserts that don't contain sugar and are just as delicious.

13. Montserrat González
The Instagram and YouTube channel of this young Mexican specialized in nutrition is a clear example that everyone can eat a healthy and balanced diet. And for you to join his "team", in these two stands Montserrat presents easy and delicious recipes that you can make at home. To lick your fingers!

14. Odile Fernandez
Family doctor, ovarian cancer survivor and mother of three children, Odile Fernández wants through her two books, 'My anti cancer recipes' and 'My child eats healthy', to make parents aware of the benefits and Consequences (positive and negative) that eating a healthy and healthy diet has for everyone's health.

15. Raquel Bernacer
She is responsible for Alimentarte, a website that does not invite you to follow a diet but to nourish your body and mind with the best foods on the market. From the hand of this nutritionist and dietician you will learn a lot of tricks, recipes and tips to leave behind a bad diet and start a new life where your goal is to be healthy. Shall we start?

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