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How to plan your pregnancy if you want your baby to be born in August

How to plan your pregnancy if you want your baby to be born in August

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If you are very clear about what you want that your baby is born in august, you are in the right place. We have prepared a guide to know when should you get pregnant To give birth in a specific month, the one that you like the most or that suits you best because of the plans you have in mind. This time we will see it with the month of August, how to plan your pregnancy to give birth in August? Let's see it!

Motherhood is wonderful, believe me, I tell you from experience and from the heart. I have two children who are 5 years old and when they were born I believed that I could not be happier. But I could, when I saw the first time they laughed, or said 'mom'. How nice! But I also tell you from experience that it is the hardest job you will ever face, therefore, dear future mother, the more organized you have everything, the better you will take it.

If we look at the calendar and do the math, we see that it will be in November when your pregnancy should begin so that you can give birth in August. In this way, the first trimester of your pregnancy will go from November to January, the second from February to April and the third from May to July. Being the approximate due date August. What joy!

Let me share with you three special calculators that you can check throughout your pregnancy and that will be of great help to you. The first of them is the ovulation and fertile days calculator, the second is about the pregnancy calendar and with the third you can know the due date long before it arrives. Ideal for have everything ready and avoid stress last minute.

1. Ovulation calculator and fertile days
There are women who, due to certain changes in the body, know perfectly when they are ovulating. However, for many of us it is very difficult to find out, especially if the rules are not regular. If you are also in this last group, with this calculator you will get rid of doubts and you will know on which exact day you ovulate, that is, what are your fertile days in order to try to conceive and have your baby born in August.

You will see that you only have to subtract 14 days from the total number of days of your menstrual cycle, starting to count from the first day of menstruation. On the other hand, it is important that you pay attention to the luteal phase within your cycle.

2. Pregnancy calculator and calendar
Thanks to this effective calculator you will know how your little one is developing week by week, that is, you will know how he grows from the first day of pregnancy until the moment of giving birth. Surely you too will feel much calmer and safer if you know well how your baby grows inside you.

3. Due date calculator
We know that if everything goes according to plan, you will be able to hold your baby in your arms in August, but what about the approximate day you will give birth? Enter in this calculator the first day of your last menstruation and you will know the day when you will be a mother.

In turn, you can know the date of conception, when you will be able to hear the first beats of your heart, the date of your first movements and the week of pregnancy you are in. How exiting!

The first trimester of pregnancy will pass so quickly that you will hardly even notice it, the second is the calmest since the nausea and discomfort are gone, however, as the third and last trimester approaches, everything will revolve around the due date. What should you know about the third trimester of pregnancy? Well, it is just as beautiful as the previous ones, so enjoy everything you can.

It will also be when the baby gains more weight so try to eat well and not overindulge in whims to avoid annoying back pain. At this stage, especially towards the end, the baby is fully formed and bursting with energy. You will surely notice him more than once a day how he moves inside you, and he really wants to play!

Perhaps it costs you more to fall asleep because of the weight and the volume, take it easy, it is only a phase, then everything will be as before. Do not be careless in your reviews with the doctor or the midwife, you know that you miss them by hormonal changes are the order of the day.

When the month of August arrives it will be when they tell you over and over again, congratulations mom! What do you suppose your baby is born in August? Well, without a doubt it will be your favorite month from now on and forever. Pay attention to the climate of your city to dress the little one correctly and go out for a walk every day with him even for a little while, it will be a perfect relaxing moment for both of you.

The beginnings are beautiful and at the same time complicated, especially when you have a newborn at home who constantly demands your attention and you who cannot think of anything more than resting a few hours at a time and trying to recover from childbirth. Calm down, everything takes time; If you organize yourself, you will see everything from a more optimistic point of view.

First, take care of your little one and for this you must support yourself in your partner and your family; The second is to take care of yourself, whether you need help to take a shower or you want to take your favorite sweet to lift your spirits. And third, something that you will be happy to do in a few weeks, find yourself for a little while, you deserve it!

By August of next year, your baby will be one year old and a great explorer. How exciting!

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