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How to plan your pregnancy for your baby born in May

How to plan your pregnancy for your baby born in May

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In we know how important it is plan pregnancy in every sense. Whether due to different needs or preferences, there are parents who try to choose the date of birth of their children. If it is your case and do you want your baby to be born in may, keep these tips on when should you get pregnant to obtain.

If you stop to think about it, being a mom is wonderful, but it is also somewhat uncertain. I felt that way myself when my partner and I decided we wanted to be one of the family. Emotions that mix within you and that occupy your whole mind. I wanted to make the most of the experience and put aside, at least as much as possible, insecurities and fears. Therefore, I decided to have all the necessary information, the same that I now share with you. Do not miss a detail, dear future mother, that what we are going to tell you here will help you see everything from another point of view.

We start looking at the calendar and counting, that's when we realize that August is the month in which you should get pregnant if what you want most is to give birth in May. Starting from this beautiful month, we have that the first trimester of pregnancy goes from August to October, the second from November to January and the third trimester will be from February to April. Therefore, the approximate delivery date will be in May. Your dream has come true! You're already a mom!

To see everything a little clearer and that the process of staying in state goes according to you want, we are going to see three calculators. The first one tells you about ovulation and your fertile days. You will use the second if you would like your baby to be a boy and the third will be very useful if you want to try to be a mother to a girl. Shall we start?

1. Ovulation calculator and fertile days
What is this calculator for? Well, to know the ovulation cycle and your fertile days in order to try to conceive on those days and have a much better chance of achieving it.

First of all, write down how your rules are, the days of the month in which you come and if they are regular or not. You should know that there are 14 days that go from the day you ovulate, that is, your fertile days, until the next menstrual period. So if you subtract 14 days from the total number of days in your cycle, it will give you the approximate day you ovulate, starting from the first day of your period.

2. Calculator for giving birth to a boy
Will it be a boy or a girl? The question that everyone asks you and that you cannot get out of your head, is that it is super exciting to think if you are going to be a mother to a boy or a girl. If you would like your baby to be a boy, check out this calculator.

With it you will learn to calculate the date of ovulation taking into account your fertile days and the survival capacity of the Y sperm, those responsible for giving the male gene to the baby. Once you know what those days are, you will have to try to conceive right there so that your baby is a beautiful child.

3. Ovulation calculator to give birth to a girl
This calculator will be very useful if you would like your baby to be a girl. You will see that it is advisable to have sexual intercourse 5 to 3 days before ovulation to ensure that the X sperm, also known as female, that have survived the Y (the male), can finish their journey to the egg and fertilize it.

Did you know that the life expectancy of female sperm is higher than that of male sperm? That is, female sperm have a better chance of survival. Perfect!

As you approach the final stretch of pregnancy, this is the question that will be on your mind at all times. Don't worry, don't panic, you've been preparing for this for nine long months. You just have to listen to your body and have everything ready for when you go to the hospital and for when you are discharged and return home with your dear baby in your arms.

The signs that you should attend to are the following: if you notice that the bag has broken and you begin to lose fluid, one similar to urine but that you cannot control; if you have intense and more or less regular contractions; if there is vaginal bleeding or you see streaks of blood when you go to the bathroom, it is a sign that the dilation has started; If you experience anything else such as discomfort, weakness, or severe pain, even if they are not contractions, you should go to the hospital.There is not much left to see that little boy's face the one you love with all your soul!

The month of May, the month of flowers, surely now seems the most beautiful month there is. Your little one was born so it's time to take care of him and do it yourself. To begin, write down on a calendar the check-ups, vaccinations and appointments that you both have, the fatigue and the nights waking up every two to three can make your memory a little forgetful. The newborn baby requires a lot of care So leave the rest of the things to do and focus on him and yourself.

Recovering from childbirth is not easy, it happened to me with my first child and also with my second baby, and not only that, but when my daughter was born I also had to take care of my little one, how beautiful and how exhausting! My advice, the same one they gave me and that was very useful to me, is that you have clear priorities, no stress, lean on yours and you visit them. If one day you want to sit quietly on the sofa with your child in your arms while you listen to your favorite song and you want to postpone the visit of those distant cousins, do it, you have to watch for yourself. For the rest there will be time.

Congratulations mom!

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