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If you already know what letter you want the name for your babyYou have already done a lot of work, and it is that looking for that unique, different and special way with which to address your son since he begins to kick his mother's gut, is not an easy task. If in your case, you like Boys and girls names with letter J, You have reached the best place!

Do you already know the sex of the baby? !! Congratulations!! If, on the other hand, it seems that the little one is resisting and keeps this secret for the day you hold him in your arms, don't panic! In We have made you a selection of the most varied, select and exquisite: you have names of boys and girls, peculiar names and even prohibited! and compound names with which to leave your mark. We started!

Among all the names of Spanish origin, it is estimated that 5% begin with the letter J. If you are looking for Spanish names for boys and girls or perhaps you prefer a more international one with more glamor and pomposity, we show you a list in which each name has its origin and its meaning, and in which all have a common denominator: its first letter is J. Can you think of an easier way to choose a name for your baby?

  • Short and cute girl names with letter J
  • More than 23 boy names that start with J
  • Compound names for newborns
  • Classic names that start with J
  • The 6 forbidden baby names

Short and cute girl names with letter J

There are not few Girl's names that begin with this consonant, but what is certain is that the ones we present below are less known than the rest and keep a mysterious secret behind their four or five letters. And it is that in addition to being original and beautiful, they are short, something that makes many parents choose them.

  1. Jade: If you like everything related to gemology, a branch of minerology that studies everything related to precious stones and minerals, this name is perfect for your future girl. science that study. In the last decade it has become very fashionable because it was chosen by Mick Jagger to name his daughter.
  2. Jael: Although it is a female name, some parents have chosen it for male babies. Of Hebrew origin, its translation would be mountain goat, hence it is said that the people who bear this name are very outgoing and sociable.
  3. Jana: It is a modern diminutive of a classic name that also begins with this consonant, Juana. In several cultures this name is related to something new and that begins, for example, in English with January (January, the first month of the year). He celebrates his saint on June 24.
  4. Janet: If there is a world-renowned character with this name, it is the singer Janet Jackson, sister of the late Mickael Jackson. This name, of Hebrew origin and which means possessor of God's grace, has two variants: Juana and Ivana.
  5. Rockrose: Do you know what is the origin and provenance of this beautiful feminine name? Slavic! And, surely, as soon as you know its translation, it will become one of your favorites: spring.
  6. Jazz: Music lovers have found a girl's name that will make them really happy. And if you find it too daring, you can always go for Jazzlyn.
  7. Jazmine: It refers to a white flower from India with a very delicate smell. And perhaps, these two characteristics match perfectly with your little one. Is that so?
  8. Jenna: Of Arabic origin, this name means small bird. In some cultures, such as Welsh, it is used as a diminutive or abbreviation for Jennifer.
  9. Jessica: Do you know that this name of Slavic origin first appeared in The Merchant of Venice, one of the best-known books by Willian Shakespeare?
  10. Jia: Chinese names are becoming increasingly fashionable and Jia is one of them. It means beautiful and is usually accompanied by another name, Li, which is good.
  11. Jin: Another of the most popular names of Chinese origin in Europe and Latin America. Do you want to know its meaning? Comprensive person!
  12. Joana: It supports a lot of variants, so you will be spoiled for choice: Johana, Joanna, Yohana, Xoana. It comes from the Hebrew Jane and its translation is full of grace. Idea name for a rainbow baby.
  13. Jolie: It sounds like a last name to you, Angelina Jolie, but in recent years many parents have also chosen it as a name for their little ones. It's French and it means pretty. It has a variant, Joli.
  14. Josune: And in that list of names that begin with the letter J for girls a Basque name sneaks in. Equivalent to Jesusa. Which one do you like the most and sound the best to you?
  15. Judith: If you like names that begin with the letter J and also biblical ones, this proposal is ideal for you.
  16. Julia: It means cheerful and jovial. If every time you go to an ultrasound, your little girl doesn't stop smiling, this is your name!
  17. Juna: English name to refer to the sixth month of the year. Is your offspring going to do in the month of June? You already have a name then!

More than 23 boy names that start with J

Your little prince deserves all the best and the name is one of those things that will mark him for life, so we want to give you a hand to make this decision easier to make. In this list you will find a wide variety of names with the letter J, the favorite of many parents.

  1. Jacob: Children who bear this name that comes from Hebrew are said to be very calm and calm. He celebrates his saint on June 23.
  2. James: It is a variant of Jacob, so if you have doubts between the two, nothing happens! It means Father of the People and it is said that people with this name are very peaceful. July 25 is his saint.
  3. Hyacinth: It is one of the oldest Greek names that exist. Its meaning? More beautiful than a flower, like your little one, right?
  4. Jared: The prominence that this name has acquired in recent years is due to Jared Leto, actor and vocalist of the music group 30 seconds to mars. It means descendant.
  5. Javier: This name of Basque origin means new house or castle. Its feminine form, Javiera, is very popular in Chile. Celebrate his saint on December 3. It is among the most desired by many parents.
  6. Jeremiah: Also known as Jeremy or Jeremish, it is a Hebrew origin name Very popular is the Bible, and it is that several characters of the Old Testament are called like that.
  7. Jerry: In general, the children who bear this name are very sensitive and have great artistic gifts. An example of this was the American rock and roll pianist and singer, Jerry Lee Lewis, born in the 1930s.
  8. Jesus: This name has many religious connotations and it could be said that, along with Maria for girls, it is one of the most universal there is.
  9. Jimeno: We are more used to writing its female version, but in recent years many parents have decided to recover this original name from Navarra (Spain) and which means beast of the mountain.
  10. Joan: We are facing one of the many varieties offered by the name of Juan. He celebrates his birthday on June 24 and interacts with highly sacrificed people.
  11. Joaquin: Lovers of biblical and religious names will find Joaquín a great option for their little one. Joaquin was king of Judah and also the husband of Hannah, the mother of Jesus.
  12. Joel: It is short, modern and international, which is why more and more you come across children called that. Perhaps this could be a criterion to rule it out, but perhaps its meaning makes you think twice: God is his lord.
  13. John: It is the Latin form of John, which became popular in England in the high Middle Ages. Did you know that roughly over a fifth of the children born in the UK at that time were named John?
  14. Jonah: To understand what is hidden behind these five letters, we have to go to the name Yonnah, which means dove. It is an Old Testament character and is said to have remained in the belly of a whale for three days.
  15. Jordan: Just because of its meaning, it will become one of your options with the best chance of winning: the quiet one, the one that flows slowly. It's not pretty?
  16. George: The legend of Aurea, in which a young man named Jorge kills a dragon to save a young girl, makes many parents adore this name and, even before they get pregnant, have it on their priority list.
  17. Joseph: How many boys do you know who have this simple name or accompanied by another? And it is that Jose, a name of Hebrew origin, is the king of combinations.
  18. Joshua: We dive deep into the Old Testament to discover that Joshua was chosen to succeed Moses as the leader of the Israelites on their journey to the promised land, leading us to believe that people baptized with this name are often born leaders.
  19. Juan: You will probably not be surprised if we tell you that the English version of this name is John, but ... what would you think if we told you that in the Russian version it is Ivan?
  20. Judas: Those who dare to defy bad luck and traditions choose this name for their children. But for others, the fact that Judas was the person who betrayed Jesus causes them rejection.
  21. July: A name with a lot of history. It is closely related to the founding of the Roman Empire and refers to the seventh month of the year, so called because Julius Caesar was born.
  22. Julian: Of Latin origin, Julián means people with strong roots. They are very familiar children and very attached to their parents. He celebrates his name day at the beginning of the year, on January 9.
  23. Fair: There is little more to add, because the name itself says it all about the people who can boast of wearing it, equanimous.

Compound names for newborns with the J

If you can't decide on a single name, why choose two? The compound names are synonymous with tradition and many are related to religious symbols. They denote strong personality and, on the other hand, avoid possible discussions that parents may have when in doubt between two.

  1. Jose Antonio: This compound name of Spanish origin represents strength and spirituality at the same time.
  2. Jose Federico: Here we must pay special attention to Federico, who is the one who carries all the force of this combination. It means the one who rules for peace.
  3. Jose Francisco: It is related to honest people with a strong character and quite independent children, perhaps because of the meaning of Francisco, French, the one who comes from outside.
  4. Jose Manuel: It's one of the compound names most used in Spain, although with variations. There are people who change Jose for Pepe or Manuel shortens it to Manu or Manolo.
  5. Jose Maria: Without a doubt, one of the favorites by the most classic mothers and fathers on the planet, because this name contains two of the most popular worldwide for boys and girls.
  6. Jesus Maria: The number 1 in the list of names composed with religious tradition is disputed together with Jose María. Here the balance will almost certainly be decided by the child's family background, that is, if there is someone in the family to whom you want to pay homage with Jesus or Jose.
  7. Juan Charles: All the names combined with that of Carlos refer to a special power: the intelligence of all those who carry it.
  8. Juan Diego: Diego's Greek name is believed to come from Santiago. It means happy and wise. He has several dates to celebrate his name day: July 25, September 13, January 5, October 6 and November 13.
  9. Juan Jose: They are two of the most popular names in Spanish-speaking countries. In this case, both Juan and Jose have an important presence within the New Testament of the Bible. A top 10 name for letter J lovers.
  10. Juan Miguel: Miguel's name gives Juan's name a touch of sweetness and its meaning, although a bit confusing, is nobody like him.
  11. Juan Pablo: It is a name full of humility, love and peace that, after the death of Pope John Paul II, took on a major role, placing itself among one of the most popular compound names.

Classic names that start with J

Are you curious to know what are the names that begin with the tenth letter of the alphabet with a more curious meaning? Check this table and get rid of doubts!

JAQUELINEFrenchThat grabs the heel
JAIROHebrewGod wants to show off
JAVIERBasqueNew house
JASMINEPersianFlower of the same name
JENNIFERWelshWhite as the foam of the sea
JEREMIAHHebrewRaised by the lord
JESSICAScottishScottish form of Joan
JESUSHebrewDiminutive of Jehovah
JOAQUINHebrewThe lord will judge
JONATAN / JONHATANHebrewgift of God
JOSEPHHebrewWill aggravate
JOSEFAHebrewGod will provide
JOSEFINAHebrewGod will give
JOSUEHebrewThe lord is salvation
JUANLatinFunny gift of god
JUANALatingift of God
JUDIT / JUDITHHebrewPraised
JULIALatinSoft hair
JULIANALatinSoft hair
JULYLatinLong haired, bearded
JULIANLatinLong haired, bearded

The 6 forbidden baby names

Did you know that there are some names for boys and girls that have been banned? And it is that some parents have tried to look for something so different, original and innovative that, according to the high authorities of many countries, they have exceeded. We talk about those names so rare that they have come to ban. Do you want to know which ones we are talking about?

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