4 short animal poems to stimulate the memory of children (and parents)

4 short animal poems to stimulate the memory of children (and parents)

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At school, your child may have been asked to learn a poem or extract from a play. These are common classroom activities to exercise and stimulate children's memory. However, out of laziness, the little ones often take this task as the most arduous, when in reality it is not so difficult, you just have to put a bit of enthusiasm into it.

And how can we motivate our children to work on memory? Exercising it with them! Therefore, on our site we propose you some short poems of animals, one of the favorite themes of children, so that you can learn together with your children. Let's set an example!

You will see that the first poetry that we propose is very easy to memorize, since it only has two stanzas and eight verses. To start warming up! To memorize it, you can read it out loud several times and repeat it in turns. As soon as you want to realize it, without much effort, you will know it from top to bottom.

How Complementary activity to poetry, we suggest you continue the story of the ants. Ask your children to imagine what would happen to ants in different situations, for example if the sky was cloudy or if it started to snow.

When there are no clouds in the sky

when the sun is very hot,

the ants make hats

shaped like a cornet.

As one goes after another,

as in a procession,

it looks like Easter

and Nazarenes in León.

Then we leave you a nursery rhyme that is usually very funny for children. And it is that it poses a somewhat crazy situation: a centipede and a caterpillar get angry because they do not speak the same language. Language matter! These verses will make your children laugh so much that they will want to hear and read them over and over again. When you want to realize it, you will already know it by heart!

This poem can serve as an excuse to turn yourself into that caterpillar and the centipede and start talking in English, French ... or in a language that you suddenly make up! These types of games, in addition to stimulating your child's memory, help you be more creative.

I do not understand what you tell me,

Why are you talking to me in french

when do you know what english i speak

- said the caterpillar to the centipede -

The centipede that English speaks

still speaking in French

and the caterpillar getting angry,

- he said - good bye centipede.

We go a step further and propose you a slightly longer poem. What a challenge! It consists of three stanzas of four verses each ... You can handle it! The assonance rhyme it contains will facilitate the challenge.

To draw even more attention from children, you can propose to your children reciting poetry while playing with a puppet of a squirrel. You can buy it already made or make it yourself. To do this, you just have to draw a little squirrel on a cardboard. Then cut it out and stick it on the back with an ice cream stick. In this way you can hold it and move it while you recite the following verses from memory.

A playful squirrel

among the waves of the sea,

shaking the paws

wants to learn to swim,

A treacherous wave arrives

and turns her upside down

and floating through the water

hides with shame.

There is another squirrel on the shore

who sees her from a rock,

and although she doesn't know either

she laughs like crazy.

And finally, here we leave you the poetry of the bald lion. Besides being an ideal poem to recite from memory, offers a very important teaching: we must learn to love ourselves as we are, because defects do not have to be an inconvenience.

Your children are sure to be very struck by the fact that there is a bald lion. Therefore, we suggest that you ask him to draw it. How will you imagine it?

who became famous soon,

because he was born without a mane

and without a fool's hair.

And they believed in the jungle

that I would be self-conscious,

but I was always happy

roaring from side to side.

As the lion was bald

everyone called it that

and for being a great example

as king they proclaimed him.

In Guiainfantil.com we have many other animal poems for children and parents to have a great time. Don't miss them!

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