Original ideas to avoid spelling mistakes with G and J

Original ideas to avoid spelling mistakes with G and J

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The letters G and J, Seventh and tenth consonants of the alphabet, a priori they are not difficult to learn for children, especially if they are preceded by the vowels A, O and U. The problem comes when we ask the child to write a word that has the G and the J and then E or I, there are doubts, or not so much! How to avoid misspellings with the G and J? Here are some tips and tricks!

How many afternoons, doing homework, has my eldest daughter asked me if a word is written with G or with J. And it is that for children of 7 years, who begin to know the orthography rules, these two consonants generate many doubts. For this reason, and as if I were going back to my childhood, I have prepared a list for you with the main uses of these letters and so on. avoid misspellings with the G and J.

The first thing I explain it, before getting into the subject, is that the syllables ga, go, gu are pronounced with soft sounds, while ja, ho, ju with strong ones. So far all clear! Next we go with the ge, heh, gi, hee. All four have a strong sound and there is no single rule that says if it goes with G or with J, on the contrary, there are several! and here comes the mess.

- First rule: If we want ge or gi to have a smooth sound, then we will put a u, for example, guitar.

- What do verbs like pick up, choose, exaggerate or direct have in common? They are all written with g, so point the second rule: verbs that end in ger, gir or gerar always with G. There are two exceptions here: weaving and crunching.

- Third: Adjectives and nouns that contain the syllable gene are written with g, for example, intelligence, ruler, or gentile. Here again, there are a few exceptions: ginger and absinthe.

- When your child asks you what is correct, garage or garage, you explain this rule. Nouns and adjectives ending in aje and axis are written with J. For example, heretic, pageboy, pottage, massage. What would then be correct? Garage.

- Fifth rule. Words that begin with axis or aje are written with J, as an example or hustle, except, agency and agenda.

- And finally, all the words that end in gio or gia (except heresy, bleach and spark plug) are written with g.

As learning all these rules can cost children a lot of time, there are other methods that you can use with them so that they assume these rules almost without realizing it. As parents, we have to do it in a fun and enjoyable way and without forcing them or forcing them to do anything, the only thing we will do is block or paralyze them.

- Dictation at home
Through the dictations, we will not only achieve our goal, avoid misspellings by G and J, but, in turn, we will improve the child's retention and attention capacity and listening comprehension.

- Marathon of stories
Reading is a pleasure that we must show our children. It will be a way for them to develop their imagination, increase their creativity and, also, improve their reading and writing skills. You can do a storytelling marathon and have each member of the family choose a different one.

- Story creators
As a consequence of the previous point, surely the child wants to develop his own story. And if you take advantage of this moment to do it as a family? One can start with the first sentence of the book and, each one, contribute something different. It will be very fun!

- Magic cards
And if in light of all the above, the child shows little enthusiasm, there is something that will make him especially excited: writing the letter to the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men.

- Thematic exercises
Another way you can use is to put exercises at home with each of these rules so that the child assimilates and acquires them. You will become the best teacher for him!

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