Short poems for elementary school children to recite by heart

Short poems for elementary school children to recite by heart

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With age it is common for memory to fail ... And it is that memory must be exercised often! Therefore, in Guiainfantil.com we have collected some Short poems that elementary school children can learn and recite by heart. It is a very fun challenge that will also stimulate the creativity of the little ones. Having a good memory is very important to your time at school, but it will also help you as an adult. Propose these nursery rhymes of 1, 2 and 3 stanzas that they can memorize without much difficulty.

First of all, we propose a beautiful poem that talks about dreams. We have all dreamed of waking times, especially when we are in an idyllic place like a beach landscape. Once the children have read and understood these verses, you can ask them to memorize them and have them recite them as a group in front of the whole class.

Lying down look up at the sky

and I don't know what he will think,

cradled by the waves

I look at it and close my eyes

opens them and looks out to sea,

lying on the sand

he just wants to dream.

Form groups of three children and ask them to agree to each learn a stanza of this poem starring a butterfly that does not see well. In this way, in addition to exercising memory, you will be promoting teamwork and commitment among the children in your class. For elementary school students in the last years, learning poetry in full should not be a major problem.

A myopic butterfly

goes into the sea,

and moves away from the earth

thinking that it goes to land.

Increasingly exhausted

look for where to rest

and without being able to remedy it

falls in the waves of the sea.

A seagull in the sky

just witnessed it

that glasses are going to buy.

This short poem is always very funny for children because of the crazy characters it brings together. It is a single verse of 12 verses with which you can play with your elementary school students in different ways. For example, you can suggest that each child learn a verse or a couple of verses and then recite the poem aloud together. All students must be attentive to the time to say their part. Each time you can recite it a little faster ... until it becomes a real tongue twister!

Ducks and albatrosses

They wear nice shoes.

However the hoopoe

he always wears sneakers.

The sardine in gabardine

how is the swallow going

The little ladybugs

they always wear a bow tie.

he always wears pants,

but if they go to sleep

they all wear a nightgown.

And finally, we propose a poem on a different theme that your students can learn by heart and recite aloud. To make it a fun activity, you can combine it with other games that motivate children.

It occurs to us, for example, that you can ask them to draw a palm tree with their eyes closed. You can also encourage them to sound this short poem, let them try to put a melody on it or that they use the verses as if they were the lyrics of a rap. In addition, this poem will make your students curious about one of the most fascinating and dangerous natural phenomena: hurricanes. Use this poetry to talk about how they are formed and in which countries they usually suffer.

A palm tree is so tall

that when they seek comfort,

for it they reach heaven.

Climbing up the trunk

their sorrows are taking away,

the sadness and pain

through the branches they leave.

And when the night comes

as always, a hurricane,

shake the branches hard

and the penalties are gone.

Did you like these children's poems? In our site We have many more that will help you promote your students' love of poetry. Enjoy it!

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