10 Russian names for girls

10 Russian names for girls

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If your baby is going to be a girl, we suggest ten names different and original of Russian origin that maybe they can help you. Many of these female names are derived from Hebrew and Greek names. They are different and have a nice sound. Their short length stands out among their characteristics. In some cases they have an affectionate diminutive form.

1. Anna
A beautiful name, whose diminutive is Anya, very popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is the Russian form of Ana that comes from Hebrew and means 'beneficent, compassionate, full of grace'.

2. Haze
It is a variant of Elena name of Greek origin that means 'bright light like the sun'.

3. Dasha
This name means 'gift of God'. This Russian name derives from the Greek 'Dorothy' and means 'gift of God'.

4. Irina
It means 'the one who loves peace'. It is the variant of Irene of Greek origin. Among the personalities that have popularized this name we can highlight the model Irina Shayk.

5. Karenina
In Russia it is used as a first and last name. As variants we can highlight Karina and Katherina. "Ana Karenina" is the title of one of the novels of the Russian writer Leon Tolstoi.

6. Kira
It means 'happy'. It is a name widely used in Russia although its origin is Persian.

7. Laika
It means 'farmer'. The dog Laika popularized this name by becoming the first living being to be sent into space.

8. Natascha
A name that means 'born at Christmas'. It is very popular in Russia. It is the Russian variant of Natalia, a name of Latin origin.

9. Tasya
Its meaning is 'the one who is reborn'. It is short for Anastasya. This is the name of the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, who was murdered with her entire family after the October Revolution.

10. Zaria
It means 'sunrise or glow'. It is the Russian variant of the name of Hebrew origin Sara which means 'princess'.

It is very common, especially when children have a very long name, that we use the diminutives of their names to call or refer to them. The diminutives are a device that we use to give a short, jovial and even affectionate effect to the names. The diminutives add affective values ​​to the names.

If you like names with diminutives then you could choose a Russian name whose diminutive you like. In addition to the classic, creative or weird names, there are parents who prefer to give names that have a nice diminutive.

14 most common female Russian names with their respective diminutives, they are:

- Alexandra - diminutive Sasha or Shura

- Anastasia - diminutive Nastia

- Anna - diminutive Anya

- Elena - diminutive Lena

Ekaterina - diminutive Katya

- Elizaveta - diminutive Liza

- Irina - diminutive Ira

Maria - diminutive Masha

- Natalie - diminutive Natasha

- Olga - diminutive Olya

- Svetlana - diminutive Sveta

- Tamara - diminutive Toma

- Tatiana - diminutive Tanya or Taña

- Veronika - diminutive Vera, Nika

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