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The art of calligraphy. Chinese short story

The art of calligraphy. Chinese short story

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The art of calligraphy is a Chinese short story that teaches children not to brag about one's skills, but to keep trying to improve them in order to be better and better.

If you want to share stories or tales of China with your children, read with them this beautiful story so that they learn values ​​such as effort and perseverance.

Xian Zhi was the son of the famous calligrapher Yi Zhi. When his father worked in the studio, the little one used to watch him trace the ideograms on the rice paper. Little by little, the son also acquired the habit of writing. Within a few months he made so much progress that friends and neighbors began praising him incessantly. The little boy felt conceited, believing himself already a good calligrapher.

One day he wrote a dozen characters and showed them to his father, expecting praise from him. After examining it for a moment, the famous calligrapher, who he had realized the vanity of his son, he made no comment. He took the brush and added a small stroke in an ideogram, turning it into a different character, and said:

- Show it to your mother, see what it says.

The little boy went to find his mother awaiting an encouraging judgment.

Although the lady was not a calligrapher, she understood the technique of that art and used to express very correct opinions about it. After looking at his son's work for a moment, he said:

- You have progressed, but you have a long way to go to get the verve and the perfection of his calligraphy. In this character that you have written, only this stroke closely resembles his style, and the rest has nothing to do with it, he pointed out, putting his finger right on the stroke that the calligrapher had just added.

Embarrassed, the boy turned to his father and asked:

- After so many days of practice, why haven't I been able to master the secret of your art yet?

- It's very simple, son, do you see the jars in the yard? When I started to learn calligraphy, they told me to fill all eighteen jars with water. And the day the water ran out making ink for the exercises, he would be a good calligrapher. I did, that's why I write better.

Without saying another word, the boy understood perfectly. He ran to the patio and worked all morning to fill those huge jars with water. He began to practice day and night.

Twenty years later, when he used up the last drop of the water, he reached such mastery of the chinese calligraphy who was consecrated as the 'Saint of the Brushes'.


1. What did Xian Zhi do while his father worked?

2. What was Xian Zhi bragging about?

3. How did the father react to the conceit of his son?

4. What lesson has Xian Zhi's father taught him?

5. What have you learned from this story?

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