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So So the sad look orangutan. Short stories for kids

So So the sad look orangutan. Short stories for kids

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This children's story starring animals will make your children reflect, but it will also touch your heart. It tells the story of Tan Tan, a gorilla born in captivity whose dream is to know what freedom is outside the zoo. Like others short stories for kidsIt is an excuse to spend a beautiful family moment that will help you to strengthen ties between parents and children. Don't miss the story "So So The Sad Look Orangutan".

In the city zoo many animals lived.

Dolphins, belugas and orcas lived happily in the dolphinariums.

The snakes, snakes and lizards, playing among the plants and stones, spent their happy days in the terrariums.

Birds and butterflies, believing themselves free, spent their days flying in large cages and in butterfly gardens.

Fish swam in the aquariums, not thinking that there was more life on the other side of the glass.

They all lived in a space that was closest to their natural habitat.

One day a small orangutan was born there which they named Tan Tan. Everyone celebrated his arrival at the zoo.

The baby orangutan led a peaceful life inside the zoo, and many people, aware of his birth, came there to meet him.

So tan was growing and celebrating years inside the zoo.

It was an orangutan whose body was covered with fine, elongated reddish hairs, a large head, and long, flexible arms. Over time it became strong and robust.

In the zoo they fed him and looked after him with great care but, still, he was not happy there.

So so he began to be known by the orangutan with the sad look because, Despite never having known freedom, it was the animal that longed for it the most.

One day he decided to say to the other animals:

- I want to get out of here! I want to know my origins!

- You will starve! - The bears and seals immediately told him.

- You will die of thirst! - the lions and elephants told him.

- You cannot live outside the zoo! You don't know the dangers out there. - His chimpanzee cousins ​​told him.

- You can never escape from here! - All his friends told him, with great sadness.

But the orangutan, unable to get the idea out of his head, dreamed of being free.

The days, the months, the years, and Tan Tan the sad look orangutan, was still in the zoo locked up.

Thirty-five long years passed, and one morning they found him lying on the floor of his cage. Was dead. All the zoo staff and the other animals mourned his departure, but They knew from his sweet gaze that Tan Tan had finally found freedom.

This story contains several very powerful messages that they will make children reflect. However, you can use this story to practice reading comprehension with your child. We propose some questions that you can ask him once you have finished reading the story to check if he has understood the story of Tan Tan.

1. Were the animals happy at the zoo?

2. Was Tan Tan a captive-born orangutan? (You can use this question to explain to your child what the concept 'born in captivity' means.)

3. Why was Tan Tan known as the orangutan with the sad gaze?

4. What was Tan Tan's dream?

5. Do you think the story has a happy ending or a sad ending? (Use this question to start a conversation with your child about the achievement of wishes).

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