The danger of kids liking superheroes too much

The danger of kids liking superheroes too much

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When I was little I was fascinated by Wonder Woman. His strength, his bearing and his power made me also want to have a superhero shield to fight the evildoers of my city. And like me, many children have dreamed of becoming one of the cape heroes that are so fashionable. They dress up, create their own wonderful weapons, run all over the house ... However, a viral video of a little boy dressed as Spiderman has shown the 'danger' behind kids being so fond of superheroes.

Here's the full original video! Twitter had actually cut off the beginning. We'll be posting more of his funny videos on there? Enjoy - and of course, subscribe to his channel! ? ❤️https: //

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Jax's dream is to be Spiderman, but he knows that reaching that level of superpowers takes a lot of training. Therefore, he has already started practicing climbing up the shelves at home, as if it were Spider-Man. From what it seems from the video, which his father has made viral after sharing it on social networks, the little one is quite good at climbing. The problem is when he has to go down ... Jax has learned an important first-person lesson: everything that goes up must come down.

In the images you can see the child on a shelf suffering because afraid of heights. From the conversation between the son and the mother, who records the images, it is not the first time that Jax uses the shelves at home as his own gym. He has risen to the top and now he is afraid to go down by himself and asks his parents for help "please".

The video has become viral because many users have found the scene very funny. However, it is easy to step into the child's shoes and see that he is truly suffering. Jax, convinced that he was Spiderman himself, has climbed on the shelf without being aware of the danger that falling from such a height would have entailed ... And we cannot forget that it is not until the age of 7 or 8 that children begin to understand what is fiction (Spiderman and the rest of the superheroes) and what is reality.

Beyond the doubtful empathy of all those who have laughed when watching the video and the physical danger that believing in superpowers can entail, the images have made me think about the 'effects' that superheroes can have on children, especially when they like them too much and it is the only audiovisual content they are exposed to. These movie and comic characters are often thought of as a great example, since they transmit a moral based on kindness, altruism, empathy or self-confidence.

However, a study conducted at Brigham Young University rejects this belief. According to research published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, when preschoolers watch superhero movies they don't stick with those values ​​of self-defense and generosity. but with the aggressiveness and violence of the action.

Professor Sarah M. Coyne, who led the study, explained that young children who are too frequently exposed to superhero culture, are more likely to be more aggressive both physically and in the way they relate to others. This is because most of the content starring superheroes is not usually created for children, so they have very complex narrative plots that they do not understand. As a consequence, they stay in the foreground of what they see on the screen: the violent struggles between good guys and bad guys.

To avoid it, moderation is recommended. Nothing happens if children watch superhero movies, as long as it is one more content they have access to. In addition, it is advisable to talk with them about the images they are seeing, about the positive and the negative of the behaviors of the characters.

We all have a superhero inside And, therefore, you should not prevent your child from dreaming of being one of them. However, as in everything, the key is in the middle point.

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