Color test. Children with a blue character are sweet and calm

Color test. Children with a blue character are sweet and calm

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Psychology has been telling us for years how the choice of one color or another influences our life and says a lot about us. But not only do we choose colors to express ourselves or convey our emotions, it is that we ourselves are also made of colors. Have you heard of the color test?

Each tone gives us a quality, but there is always a color that is made with the control and it is this that ends up defining our personality. Are you ready to find out what color your little one is? If it's blue, we tell you that children with blue character are sweet and calm, But there is more!

Carl Jung's psychological theory and his Insights Model groups similar types of personalities with common properties into four groups that define the behavior and behavior of our children through the color test. Although he always talks about energies, he attributes one of the following colors to each of them: green, yellow, red and blue.

Today, from we are going to discover some of the characteristics that the little blue ones have. On the one hand, blue has traditionally represented coldness, so these children will be strict, precise and detailed. And, on the other hand, blue tells us about the sea and its serenity, which makes our son calm and sweet. You want to know more? Next we talk about six traits of children with blue energy

- They are analytical and reflective children
Data and figures will be the favorite pastime of the small blue energy. They want to know the world around them, but they are not worth the answers that the spiritual world offers. Instead, these little ones will always bet on a scientific mentality and vision. Chinese stories are not his thing and less if they are not supported by demonstrable studies. And, if I don't see it, I don't think so.

- They are realistic children
You will not see these children leave their mind wandering through the clouds in the world of fantasy many times. They prefer the reality around them. Therefore, they immerse themselves fully in it, despite its crudeness. They want to know what is happening and why. Trying to trick a blue boy is getting a ticket to become his enemy. With them, always bet on the truth, the details and many doses of reality.

- They are not very communicative children
In them, introspection stands out. It is not that they are shy and have a bad time in the group, it is that they are reserved and distant by choice. In the same way, they are not very collaborative, although they are careful in the tasks that are entrusted to them to the point of being very demanding of themselves in compliance with the rules.

- They are children who are not afraid of loneliness
They like to be alone and, above all, that no one bothers them without prior invitation. However, they are great observers and they do not live only on figures and data, they also like to learn from the experience of others. And, when they take the step to join the group, they know how to enjoy it.

- They are tech kids
That the new generations that are born come with a tactile finger is already a fact. But if your little one also has blue energy, you will have a little genius of new technologies. There will be no devices that pose a mystery to him or her. And, in addition, they will always want to be up to date. For them the future is already the present

- They are quiet children
All cold tones, such as blue in all its shades, are colors that we transmit tranquility, calm and emotional well-being. Therefore, these offspring are little people who in their day to day are orderly, patient and peaceful. They have strong but relaxed personalities, because they themselves know how to discover their own balance and inner peace.

Tales and tradition have always told us about an aristocracy that defended its pedigree based on its blue blood. Is your child also a little prince or princess? Sure, it is the King or Queen of the house.

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