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Short captions with values. Mythology for kids

Short captions with values. Mythology for kids

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Penelope's patience waiting for Odysseus, Narcissus's vanity and self-centeredness, the perseverance of the Argonauts ... Greek mythology is full of values, and it is a fantastic way to transmit them to children.

Also, if what you want is to stimulate the imagination of the little ones, nothing like these fantastic stories of mythological beings.

Most mythological legends tell us about values. Many of them, essential in the education of the child. Values ​​such as effort, perseverance, humility, friendship ... For example, we have The Trojan horse, which tells us about teamwork and perseverance, or the story of Daffodil, which speaks of vanity.

Here you have one selection of legends from Greek mythology that they transmit values ​​to children. Use these adapted stories to explain their meaning.

Penelope waits for Ulysses. Greek mythology told to children. Children's story adapted from a legend that talks about waiting. Penelope hopes that Ulysses will return from the Trojan War, but it takes many years for him to return. What Penelope did while waiting for Ulysses. Teach your children to wait with this story.

The expedition of the Argonauts. Mythology is also for children. Short legend of the expedition of the Argonauts where the hero Jason goes out in search of the golden fleece. The myth of the golden fleece.

Narcissus the vain. Greek mythology for children. The story of Narcissus the vain and Echo. Legends of classical mythology told for children. Discover through this story how to tell children the main legends of Greek mythology.

Athena and the spider web. Short stories based on Greek mythology. The legend of Athena and Arachne tells how and why the first spider web was created. Stories full of values ​​and with a moral for children.

The Trojan horse. Children's story about the legend of the Trojan horse. The Trojan horse was the protagonist of the war that Troy. Greeks and Trojans at war for the beautiful Helen. How the Trojan War ended.

The Achilles heel. Short stories for children based on mythology. The Greek hero Achilles is almost almost invincible, but he has a secret related to his heel.

The ears of King Midas' donkey. Greek mythology is also for children. This short legend tells the story of King Midas, a king who turned everything he touched into gold and who grew funny donkey ears.

The antics of Hermés with the turtles. Greek mythology in children's stories. Hermes is a mischievous god who invents the lyre thanks to a turtle. Short legends of mythology adapted to children. Stories of Greek gods told through stories that transmit knowledge and values ​​to children.

The rock of Sisyphus. Mythology for children. The rock of Sisyphus. Sisyphus is punished for climbing a huge rock to the top of a mountain. Short legends of Greek mythology.

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