Very short poems for children: nursery rhymes with 2 stanzas

Very short poems for children: nursery rhymes with 2 stanzas

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We invite you to read a selection of very short poems for children by Marisa Alonso Santamaría. In Guiainfantil.com you will find a series of 2 stanzas nursery rhymes to bring the poems to children.

They are small stories told in 2 stanzas that are perfect for both the smallest children in the house, and for those who are beginning to approach poetry. Even these very short nursery rhymes are a great resource for promoting memory in children.

We suggest you read these very short poems for children, they are nursery rhymes with 2 stanzas to facilitate the reading of the smallest of the house and prevent them from losing interest.

You can recite them or even sing them, and that is, children's songs are mainly based on rhyming stanzas that tell funny or original stories that manage to capture the attention of children.

Squirrels and clouds

Among the curious stones

the squirrels are jumping,

next to the seashore

they have a great time.

The clouds from very high

they look at them with great envy,

they wish they could go down

and join the game some day.

The moon returned

The moon returned to the beach

to play again,

but it was entertaining

playing with another fish.

The moon came back to look for him

and since it did not appear,

he began to count corals

and bored she fell asleep.

The spider

I'm walking through the sand

and behind my footsteps,

I discovered a spider

that angrily kicks.

With the world she is angry,

And I can't do anything

The traveling whale

To know the world,

a traveling whale,

is going to visit an island,

like every spring.

Follow the wake of a ship

and although it does not have a ticket,

he leads her to the island

to see the beautiful landscape.

The cheerful broom

Laughing sweeps the broom

the sweeping broom goes,

sweeps sweeping laughing,

he laughs nonstop.

Oh, what a cheerful broom!

that always laughs,

laughing sweeps the broom

the sweeping broom goes.

The cockroach and the cricket

A cockroach,

Cha Cha Cha,

dance with a cricket,

Cri cri cri,

they move gracefully

with simple steps.

Now the cricket sings,

Cri cri cri,

with the cockroach,

Cha Cha Cha,

dancing and singing

what a good time they have.

Today Minina

Today Minina is beautiful

she has put on a pink dress

with a ruffled collar

and in the ear, butterflies.

Then start dancing

spinning very proud.

Dance Minina and go around

knowing very beautiful.

Today Minina is very pretty

and as you know, pose.

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