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A lesson for Clotilde. Story to stop biting your nails

A lesson for Clotilde. Story to stop biting your nails

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To bite nails It is a bad habit that parents must correct as soon as possible in our children. It can be a complicated task, that's why we suggest you sit down with them and discover this story for them. It is the story of a girl, Clotilde, who happens the same as her. They will surely feel identified and follow your example! We started!

Clotilde was a girl who was always telling stories. All of his friends liked his stories very much. But, one day, the words did not want to leave his mouth. Well, more than not wanting to go out, they couldn't. And the thing is, Clotilde had been biting nails in a voracious way.

It didn't matter if they were painted pink, her favorite color. In just a few seconds the fingers were in his mouth. Her mother had explained to her over and over again that her fingers would end up hurting and, furthermore, that they could become deformed, but Clotilde couldn't help it: To bite nails it was what he liked to do the most.

Little by little the nails were stored in his cheeks. They came in all colors and there were so many that, to get to know each other, they decided to organize a party at Clotilde's mouth. His little teeth began to fear so much invasion.

To dance, the nails needed a lot of space, so overnight the little girl's cheeks began to grow. They grew so much that many of Clotilde's friends thought that she had two large balloons glued to her face. Clotilde was not bothered, she had never cared about being pretty or ugly.

However, when Clotilde tried to tell one of her stories, her friends hardly understood her. And the effort they had to make was such that they no longer wanted to play with her.

Weeks passed and the day came when the words did not want to cross his mouth. They were afraid of so many nails and there was no room to pass. And that was when Clotilde she decided that nail biting was no fun. Clotilde stopped doing it and went back to playing with all her friends and telling incredible stories.

Now is the time to know if your little one, in addition to having fun with the crazy and absurd story of Clotilde, this storyteller, has also understood the message of this story.

To do this, we suggest that, after reading (remember to always choose a quiet time of day), you ask your child the following questions and, in case some concepts have not been clear to him, do not hesitate to recite this tale!

1. What does Clotilde like to do the most?

2. What happens one day in the life of this girl that prevents her from enjoying her hobby?

3. What is Clotilde's mouth filled with?

4. What does Clotilde do to be able to retell stories to her friends?

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