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Pros and cons for children of eating at home or eating at school

Pros and cons for children of eating at home or eating at school

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One of the dilemmas that are added to the list of parents when their children begin school stage is what to do with the child at mealtime:eat at home or eat at school?

While some have no other option and their work hours or the distance between school and home prevent them from picking up the child to take him home to eat, others consider different options, such as reducing their hours to eat with their children or that they are the grandparents who take care of the child's food, before opting for the school canteen. Which is better of the two? Each one has its good part and its not so good part!

Can't say that eat at home be better than eat at school, because each of these possibilities has its advantages and disadvantages. To help you make a decision - if you have not done it yet or circumstances have not pushed you to do so - we have made a list of pros and cons of each one:

The best and worst of the child eating at home
No one knows their little ones better than parents, so eating with them is a big plus. In addition, if the child is young, he can also take a nap after eating, which can help him cope with the beginning of the course.

The main disadvantage is that, if the meal is made for only two people, they can relax the habits and lean towards less healthy dishes, so you have to be constant in your diet and maintain balance.

The best and worst of the child staying in the school cafeteria
The main advantage of school canteen is that the menu is planned in advance, either weekly or monthly, making it easier to plan the menus to offer at dinner time. In addition, they are menus, prepared by expert nutritionists, they are healthy and balanced, and they try to adapt to the nutritional needs of all schoolchildren.

However, the wide range of ages that live in the same school can mean that, if the last year is taken into account, the dishes are too consistent for a child who has just started early childhood education.

Before opting for the school canteen, It is possible to visit the facilities and ask the school for a sample of the menu that the children eat, and, on occasions, you can even make a tasting of it, to observe the quality of the ingredients and the quantities that are offered to the school.

More and more families choose the option of grandparents, something that is very beneficial for the child, since their care is kept within the family environment and the little one will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Additionally, dietary studies have shown that the generation of our elders have maintained the premises of the Mediterranean diet and eat very healthy dishes, including many vegetables and legumes and cooking dishes of great tradition.

However, we cannot forget that children can be an overload for an older person, sometimes unable to keep up with their busy rhythm, and can be a disadvantage for the child.

Hopefully we have put a bit of light and that all our arguments (positive and negative) have helped you in your decision.

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