The scientific reason you can't resist babies and puppies

The scientific reason you can't resist babies and puppies

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Don't worry, you are not unique. We all feel an irresistible urge to squeeze or squeeze all the baby animals and puppies we see. Those little eyes, those cheeks or cheeks, those little hands… They make you want to 'eat them, right? Well, although it seems crazy, There's a scientific reason why you can't resist babies and animal puppies. Science has proven that it is normal to feel that need to squeeze these little cuteties. But why is it?

Having somewhat aggressive impulses (squeeze, squeeze, strongly pat, pinch, bite, eat ...) when seeing something very beautiful is a phenomenon that has been studied for years. Yale University called this reaction that we all have 'cute aggression' (tender aggression). And it is that, it is not that we get a murderous instinct, but that it is the excessive tenderness and pampering of the subject in front of us that gives us that irresistible desire to hug him with great force.

However, new research has found the scientific answer why we have this need. A researcher at the University of California at Riverside, Katherine Stavropoulos, has analyzed what happens in the human brain when we expose ourselves to a creature as cute as a puppy.

To do this, he studied the reactions of 54 people between 18 and 40 years old when exposed to different photographs of babies and puppies of very adorable animals. While wearing electrodes on their heads, the participants were asked to answer some questions about how each of the images made them feel ('I can't so tenderly!', 'I want to eat it', 'I want to hug it with great force '...)

The results, published in the journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, show that the violent impulse that leads us to want to squeeze is due to an excess of tenderness. We are so overwhelmed by the affection that cute subjects transmit to us that we feel that we are not able to cope with such a great feeling. And that 'violence' is our brain's response to calm us down.

The main researcher of this study points out that this reaction is part of the evolution of the human being. Our brain could have developed this response as a guarantee that we continue to care for babies. At the end of the day, if we were to get carried away by that feeling of 'not being able to deal with the baby's charm', we would leave it abandoned. And in the long run, the species would become extinct. Thanks to this 'tender aggression' our brain calms down and is capable of dealing with both babies and puppies, no matter how cute they are.

As a curious note of this study, we tell you that the people analyzed showed that they were more moved by animal puppies than by human babies.

If you feel that urge to hold your baby and give him a good hug, do so (as long as you are able to control your intensity and effusiveness). Babies need different displays of affection from birth and as they grow.

1. Skin-to-skin contact nothing else is born brings many benefits to both babies and mothers themselves. The little one will be able to hear the heartbeat of his mother again, which has already accompanied him during the previous months, he will cling to the chest more easily, he will feel more protected, he will get used to the new world to which he has arrived little by little , etc.

2. Hugs, kisses, caresses and other expressions of affection are the main bonding experiences that will help the child to develop during the first months of life. They stimulate the bond and attachment with the parents.

3. A loving relationship in childhood is the ideal foundation on which to build future social relationships of that potential adult. The displays of affection are also essential for the emotional development of children.

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