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The most important weeks of pregnancy for the baby's development

The most important weeks of pregnancy for the baby's development

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Before you start specifying the most important milestones in the baby development, such as nausea, taste, breathing or even finger sucking, and in what weeks pregnant occur, it is important to speak first of the gestational age, that is, the age of the fetus before its birth, not starting from its fertilization but from the mother's last period. Apart from the menstruation history, also the doctors during the prenatal ultrasound they can estimate your gestational age.

As we well know, a full-term newborn will be one who turns 37 to 42 weeks approximately before delivery, otherwise those who turn fewer weeks will be considered premature. Around prematurity there are talk of various difficulties and risks, which will be much more understandable taking into account the items that we will detail below and which take place during these weeks of gestation that have not happened inside the mother's womb.

To facilitate understanding of the large number of items, we propose a scheme organized in two main axes: weeks and functions. On the one hand, we will group the items into three groups of weeks (from week 9 to 20, from 21 to 31 and, finally, from 32 to 37) and, on the other hand, we will focus on three functions vital for its development (sucking, swallowing and breathing).

Next, we provide you with the summary that will allow you to know the important moments that are happening inside the mother's womb:

- Between weeks 9 and 20 of gestation
The fetus has already managed to open and close its mouth, along with major isolated head and neck movements, and the taste has also appeared.

Around week 17, he manages to do the first environmental suction and, a couple of weeks later, (week 20) ​​he achieves a first coordination of the hands towards the face, although he still cannot place the fingers of the hand in his mouth to continue stimulating.

- Between weeks 21 and 31 of gestation
Swallowing begins to develop, although there is no proper coordination between sucking and swallowing, that is, between the initial "sucking" action and the subsequent "swallowing".

Around week 25 and 27 the first fetal respiration takes place and, with it, her first nausea reflex.

It should also be noted that between weeks 28 and 31, when the fetus finally manages to coordinate the hand with the mouth and together with the appearance of the bite reflex, it manages to place the fingers in the mouth for the first time to stimulate itself and increase its learning of sucking. .

- Between 32 and 37 weeks of gestation
These days, three important items occur, such as the search reflex and head turn to stimuli at week 32, greater coordination between the three functions (sucking, swallowing and breathing) at week 32, and the important protective reflex of cough at week 37 of gestation.

Have you seen the number of actions that occur before the baby is born?

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