How to draw, step by step, a drawing of a violet

How to draw, step by step, a drawing of a violet

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Violet is a flower with heart-shaped petals and an intense purple or violet color, although there are also blue ones. Its perfume is highly appreciated. Do you want your children to learn what a violet looks like? On our site we teach you how to draw a violet in a fun and easy way.

Follow the steps to learn how to draw a violet that you can later color with your children. You can also print this drawing for free to paint with children. Click HERE and go coloring!

1. On a white card, draw two large petals with a thick black marker.

2. Add the other two petals.

3. Draw two leaves on the sides of the corolla.

4. Color the center of the flower black.

Video: Optical Illusion Drawing Step by Step! (May 2022).


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