Dictionary of children's dreams. Dreaming of going without clothes

Dictionary of children's dreams. Dreaming of going without clothes

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It has happened to all of us: one night we we wake up startled because we have dreamed that we were in a crowded group of people completely nudes. It may have been at work, with friends, at a social convention ... us without clothes, something that of course is embarrassing to us and unsettles us even if it is a dream.

Not only adults have these types of dreams, but also the little ones in the house can dream at a given moment that they go to school naked or have little clothes when they relax when they close their eyes. What does this dream mean?

Let our son tell us that he dreamed he was light clothes or with a total absence of it in one of their dreams is something completely normal, since many people dream about it throughout their lives.

The meaning of the nakedness in a dream interpretation it has to do with the fact of feeling unprotected or ashamed at a given moment. This gives us the key to know why our son has dreamed that he goes without clothes to school, kindergarten, or in whatever situation he was dreaming of, since the key is insecurity and lack of protection.

If we lost our clothes in real life, for example in our workplace, the feeling of helplessness would be barbaric, since we would not want anyone to see us without our clothes. If we transfer this to dream universe, this lack of security is what our son's dream interpretation reveals.

Therefore, dreaming of being naked has to do with some feeling that the child is living in real life, which translates into what he needs is more protection and security in his home.

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