The family celebrates its day

The family celebrates its day

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May 15 is the International Day of the Family. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly decided through a resolution to highlight this day on the calendar to sensitize governments and political powers on issues that concern the family and the importance of creating measures to help, protect and support families. It is also, in these times of crisis, when the family takes on a fundamental role.

Family is one of the greatest treasures a person can have. I consider myself a lucky person because my parents, in-laws, brother and brothers-in-law are and have been there whenever I have needed them. If I cannot pick up my children from school, the grandparents are delighted to do so, if I need extra help, they offer it to me selflessly. My family is in for the good and the bad. I have to say that it is reciprocal, when any of my loved ones needs my help, they can count on me.

In these times of economic crisis, when day-to-day life has become complicated for so many people, the family has emerged as one of the strongest institutions. Children who could not pay their apartments have returned to their parents' house; people without work or remuneration, can eat and dress thanks to the effort of your loved ones; Fathers and mothers who cannot pay someone to take care of their children while they work, receive the selfless help of the now called 'babysitting grandparents'.

The family occupies a prominent role in a society in which people often do not find support in their governments and states. We are fortunate because in our society the family is a fundamental pillar, in other societies, the children leave the family nest to never return, the ties with those who were raised and educated are broken emotionally and physically.

Governments should therefore show more attention to families, who should be supported, aided, defended and protected with love and dedication. They are, after all, the basic pillars of our society.

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