Learning Chinese is already a children's thing

Learning Chinese is already a children's thing

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Chinese language teaching to children is increasingly popular in many countries of the world. Many parents find that nowadays learning Chinese is something for children because this language has many advantages for the professional future of children in their adulthood. The question that parents ask themselves is how to familiarize children with Chinese and, for this reason, they are looking for a way to facilitate their learning, taking into account the difficulties that arise from studying Chinese, in pronunciation and language. language writing for children.

Currently, in the United States, according to American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, approximately 60,000 children study Chinese in public schools. In the last five years, it is in large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia that the greatest variety of resources for learning Chinese has grown as an after-school activity for children.

Other options to familiarize babies with the Chinese language from an early age include contracting a au pair Chinese or a Chinese baby sitter, who can speak Chinese to babies so that they can learn Chinese effortlessly in the early years of their development.

Learning Chinese is not easy, but children enjoy a privileged situation because they can learn languages ​​from a very young age without effort. In the development of children, there are two stages to learning languages ​​that should be taken advantage of.

1. Between 6 and 12 months. In this stage, children learn to distinguish sounds more clearly between their native languages ​​and others.

2. Between 12 months and 5 years. This stage is the stage of greatest receptivity of children to languages, since the neural interconnections in the brain of children multiply. From 12 months to 5 years, children can learn Chinese through play and contact with Chinese people.

3. From 5 years onwards. In contrast, from this age on, children are less receptive to learning a new language. Although it is not impossible, but the work of teaching the language is difficult. Sometimes, after the age of five, the phonemes of a language like Chinese, so different from Spanish, are never learned correctly.

1. Changes in culture and education. Worldwide, interest in incorporating Chinese as a third language is growing.

2. Chinese is the language of the future. More and more parents are seeing China gain positions as an economic powerhouse and believe that learning Chinese will help their children in the future.

3. Interest in Chinese culture. Due to the increase in the number of adoptions of Chinese girls or boys from other Asian countries, many parents want them to stay in touch with their roots.

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