How to teach children not to be greedy

How to teach children not to be greedy

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'Mommy, I want that', Does it ring a bell? It seems that our society is focused on consumerism and materialism, something that many families are forced to fight against so that children don't get greedy from a very young age. Consumerism is the way in which it seems that our society communicates today, but the reality is that so much materialism and artificiality has a huge inner emptiness behind it, we have to fight against that.

Many people are generous and are able to give everything they have to those who are less fortunate, but this part of society is a minority since there is also the other part; the one who is greedy. You just have to put the news on any given day and surely some news will come out of some greedy person who even having everything, wanted more and more.

So, what should be taught to children so that they are not greedy and can grow up with values ​​where having more toys is not the winner? It is worth teaching children to value compassion over materialism and to be able to think of other people. Here are some tips for you to put into practice today.

1. Set a good example It will always be the most important thing in the education of children, because it is the most powerful way to teach good habits and good habits to children. Children will naturally want to imitate their parents because they will feel that what parents do will always be the right thing to do, and I can assure you that your example is much stronger than any aggressive television commercial. Some ways to set an example can be:

- Discuss what you want to give instead of what you want to receive

- Never buy anything on a whim

- Use more DIY ('do it yourself') for home decoration and even gifts

- Do good things throughout the year, not only at designated times, such as Christmas

2. Limit the number of gifts and increase the number of experiences. This point is very important because the best gift that your child needs and that will help him stop being greedy for life is: your time. The quality time you spend with your child will help them understand that what is really worthwhile are family experiences and memories. Gifts and 'things' will never be a substitute for your time and love. If you only give material things to your children they will grow up believing that they can have everything they want just if they ask for it and greed will begin.

In addition, following other tips such as:that they earn what they want to achieve, talk with them about the consequences at home that greedy behavior can have because it is not acceptable, help other people (family or friends) who need it and even help you make the purchase by buying only what is really needed. Here are some ways to teach kids not to be greedy.

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