Children's poetry. The shoe and the espadrille

Children's poetry. The shoe and the espadrille

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Once upon a time there was a conceited shoe and a humble espadrille ... Do you want to know what lesson the espadrille taught the shoe? We offer you a short poetry with which you can talk about the concept of pride and the meaning of the value of humility with your child.

Poetry is also an excellent tool to transmit values. This is an example of that. In addition, it is a short, rhyming poetry, with which you will be enhancing your child's ability to retain and memorize.


A shoe boasted

before an old espadrille:

I always go out to the street

you always at home and in a robe.

I go to parties and banquets

everybody wants me

they walk me down the street.

But when you get to the house

says the espadrille proudly,

everyone rejects you,

and glad they rest in me.

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