Crafts for kids made with paper

Crafts for kids made with paper

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It is not always necessary to invest large amounts of money in materials to be able to do crafts with children. With paper, scissors and glue you can do a lot of nice, easy and fun activities.

Crafts help children to enhance their imagination and creativity, also help them develop their motor skills and gain concentration.

On our site we offer you a series of easy and original crafts made only with paper. Do you dare to make any of them with your children?

Heart with paper. On our site we teach you how to make a kirigami heart, the art of cutting paper, in 3D. This 3D heart can be used as a gift to someone you love for Valentine's Day, to decorate the children's room or simply to have fun doing a homemade craft.

Paper kite. Fun paper craft for children: a kite. Learn to make a paper kitten to play with the children. Easy and inexpensive origami paper crafts for kids. Origami kite, a game to practice origami with children.

Paper flowers. Making paper flowers is a very simple and easy craft that will entertain children a lot. On our site we will teach you how to make different colored flowers using paper napkins. Homemade flowers to give for Mother's Day.

Paper whale. Whale of paper and cardboard. This recycling children's craft from our site teaches children to make a cute whale, which will serve as a decorative object or as a toy. It is very striking, so you will be delighted with the result.

Paper boat. Origami paper boat step by step. For this craft, we only need a white or colored sheet, or a simple piece of paper or cardboard, or even a sheet of newspaper or magazine. You can even make a paper boat out of a napkin. New proposal for crafts on our site.

Video origami. our site offers a series of videos with which parents, together with their children, can learn step by step to make a variety of figures with paper. Origami or origami is a craft that stimulates fine motor skills, concentration and relaxation in children.

Christmas tree with a magazine. The possibilities of paper are immense. So much so that it allows us to even make a Christmas tree. Here we explain step by step how to make the Christmas tree with recycled material. In this case, with a magazine.

Butterfly with a magazine. Guiainfantil craft of some butterflies made with magazine sheets. Children's recycling crafts to do with children. Original craft proposals with magazine paper to make with your children.

Carnival mask. How to make a sun mask for children. Crafts for carnivals. A fun carnival mask to assemble with your child. Ideas of homemade masks to disguise children in Carnival. Sun-shaped mask for children in Carnival. A homemade, easy and inexpensive craft to do with children.

Carnival masks on paper. On our site we suggest you learn how to make animal masks to complete children's costumes. Follow our advice and you will be able to draw yourself or with the children, print and then color original masks.

Christmas nativity scene with paper. If you want to make a beautiful and original Christmas nativity scene at home, follow this idea on our site. You will only have to print the drawings to follow, then color it, and then cut them out to create a beautiful nativity scene. A personalized and very traditional nativity scene for Christmas.

Paper bag. How to make a bag using cardboard plates to give to mom. If we put a magnet on it, we can stick it on the fridge and use it as a note holder.

Paper lantern. On our site we teach you how to make paper lanterns of different colors and shapes. It is a very entertaining origami craft that enhances the development of the child's fine motor skills.

Paper shirts. Are you looking for a craft to give to dad for Father's Day? On our site we propose you to make an original, different and very easy to create gift. These are paper shirts made according to the art of origami or origami.

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