The Achilles heel. Short Legends of Mythology for Kids

The Achilles heel. Short Legends of Mythology for Kids

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Greek mythology contains the foundations of Western culture, but it can be a bit dry for the little ones. So in Guiainfantil we are adapting mythology in the form of short stories for children with whom they can learn and have fun.

This time we tell the story of Achilles, a Greek hero who participated in the Trojan War and is known for his heel. What exactly was happening to the Achilles heel? The secret is found, once again, in Greek mythology.

Achilles he was one of the most famous Greek heroes. He participated in the Trojan War along with Ulysses and with many other warriors willing to rescue the beautiful Helen and all the Trojans fled in terror as soon as they saw Achilles appear on the battlefield. And it is that he was by far the strongest, fiercest and bravest warrior of all the Greeks.

The enormous strength of Achilles It came from his mother, Thetis, a sea nymph who was immortal. They were all afraid of Achilles, but it was because they did not know the secret of his weakness. Achilles had a secret from the day of his birth and he kept it very hidden because it could cost him his life.

When Achilles his mother was born Thetis was worried about the baby. Thetis was an immortal being, but Achilles' father, I fight, It was not. So the child was not fully protected. As Thetis wanted her child to be invulnerable, never hurt himself and could never die, she took the child and bathed him in the waters of a lake that gave immortality.

Was I already protected Achilles? No way, because Thetis had to grab the baby by some part of its body so that it would not drown while submerging it in the immortal waters. And it was precisely by the heel that he was holding the child. So that part of Achilles' body was the only one where they could harm him.

This secret they only knew Achilles and his mother Thetis, so the Greek hero was capable of taking any risk knowing that he was in no danger of hurting himself or dying. Until one day Achilles revealed the secret to one of his friends, his friend told another friend, the friend of the friend to another and so the word spread that Achilles was not really invincible.

And it was a big mistake to tell that important secret, because in the end the Trojans found out how they could end the fearsome Achilles and they used the information they had. In combat, a Trojan fired an arrow with great aim, so much aim that it hit the heel and Achilles died. He had no choice but to climb Olympus with the gods to see how the Trojan war ended.

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