What would you do if a mom was insulted for breastfeeding in public?

What would you do if a mom was insulted for breastfeeding in public?

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We have seen a video that has outraged us extremely. The feeling it produces is one of anger and a lot of helplessness, why? You ask. It shows how a middle-aged couple insults a mother who is breastfeeding her baby in the park.

Impudent, exhibitionist, filthy or dirty are some of the epithets that the intolerant and irrational marriage throws at the poor mother who finally, embarrassed and overwhelmed, leaves the park with her baby.

We believe that video is nothing more than a staged situation to see how people react to such behavior. And, as you can see, no one comes close to defend it. While they say things like that the breasts are not exhibited or that there are minors who cannot see those behaviors, the rest of the pedestrians remain indifferent. How can it be?

What would you do if you experienced a situation like this? I honestly could not stare at how someone receives that treatment without approaching to help or give my support and I would like them to do the same with me if one day it happens to me.

It is difficult to think that today anyone could believe that breastfeeding in a public place is exhibitionistic or even pornographic behavior. And yet it is something that continues to happen. From time to time news appear of women who have been thrown out of a public place for being breastfeeding. There are also women who complain of feeling disapproving stares from other people when they have to breastfeed in public, and even some mother has told me that she has been the victim of the leering looks of a man.

Breastfeeding in public is not something dishonorable, it is something natural and normal, especially when more and more voices are joining in the defense of breastfeeding on demandAre we supposed to be home all day? or not feeding our baby when he is hungry?

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