Stories for children. Toño and the mermaid

Stories for children. Toño and the mermaid

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Toño was given a net to fish on the shore of the beach. Very excited, he went on Sunday to try it and began to throw it, but he only took algae and some small fish from the sea, which he returned to the sea so that it could grow.

After several hours he picked up something that glittered on the net, and carefully pulled it out to see what it was. With great surprise he saw a crystallized salt orchid, and immediately wanted to give it to his mother to give her great joy.

Thinking of what he had found, he sat down to rest on a stone that came out of the sea. Suddenly he heard a voice behind him, and when he turned he saw the smile of a beautiful girl who said:

- I see you found my crystal flower. I had lost it and was upset, since all mermaids have one that our King, Neptune, gave us.

Then Toño realized that it was a mermaid, and he said:

- I wanted to give it to my mother ...

The siren replied:

- I can bring you from the bottom of the sea a good gift for your mother if you give me my orchid. Toño gave it to her without thinking twice and the mermaid, with a big smile, took it and swam to the bottom of the sea.

The child thought, 'Maybe she won't come back but, of course, if the flower is hers, I won't be able to take it off'.

I was just thinking about this when the mermaid came out holding a large oyster, it was an oyster! The siren said:

- When your mother opens it, you will see how she will like it. Maybe it would be good for the mermaid to submerge and then

Toño would open the oyster and find the pearl.

They thanked each other. The mermaid plunged into the sea and Toño left, imagining the face his mother would make when she told him about her adventure and, better still, the one she would make when she received the beautiful surprise that she was going to give him. I was happy!


Short story by Mercedes Huertas Giol (Spain)

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