Ausonia. Sleep protected, sleep safe

Ausonia. Sleep protected, sleep safe

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Women are more likely than men to have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep due to hormonal changes throughout life such as pregnancy, the first few years of childbearing, menopause, and often during the menstrual cycle.

Sleep is a vital part of our health and well-being, although there are many misconceptions about what a restful sleep is. Restful sleep is believed by many to be related to ease of falling asleep and the absence of awakenings during the night. Nevertheless, it is totally natural for several awakenings to occur during the course of the night.

There are many women who use normal pads designed to be worn during the day at night. These women experience losses, losses, mainly from the rear, and that usually end in the form of stains on clothes and sheets. This happens because day pads are not designed to conform to the lying shape of the body or to movements in bed. In addition, the compresses are worn for longer hours than during the day, which carries an increased risk of loss and, therefore, of staining.

The quality of a woman's sleep is also affected when daytime compresses are used at night:

- More than 85% of women experience an incident in each period.

- About 40% also stain clothes or sheets at least once in each period.

- About 66% need to change their underwear due to having suffered losses.

- More than 70% are bothered or very bothered by suffering losses.

Women decide to take additional measures To protect yourself, such as: wearing two pads at the same time, using pads and towels at the same time, wearing old pajamas or even two pairs of panties.

Ausonia Night Ultra it is designed specifically for the night. It is a 30% longer and more absorbent pad that offers protection against losses even at night. It is designed to perfectly adapt to a woman's body and offers the best protection at night, even for those who move a lot in bed. With Ausonia Night Ultra, women already have a little less to worry about and can get plenty of rest to be in top shape the next day. How does Ausonia protect?

- It is 30% longer and offers protection where it is needed most.

- It is 30% more absorbent than an Ausonia Normal Ultra pad.

Protection against losses even at night.

- It adapts perfectly to the woman's body while moving at night, which it does on average 56 times.

Ausonia Night Ultra helps women get a good night's sleep as it is a product that combines scientific innovation with the continuous desire to improve women's lives, not only during the day but also while they sleep.

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