How to teach children to see differences as something positive

How to teach children to see differences as something positive

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The world is full of differences and this is something that makes us grow internally since we can see that in life each one is how they are and is something that must be understood and respected. But in this society of superficial values ​​sometimes the fact of having differences in oneself can be a reason for low self-esteem in children, something that must be solved from home.

The differences in oneself does not have to be a bad thing (both internal and external) and is that many times the difference is what really makes life interesting. In addition, the differences between people enriches us and makes us see that not everything is how we think. But how to teach this to children?

The differences can be in many ways, they can be cultural, physical, internal, emotional, etc. But each and every one of the differences that exists in our society are positive things. Below you can see how to teach children to see differences as something positive and good for their lives.

1. Teach them by example and love. Be an example of loving others even when there are differences. Do not give more importance to the account that others are not like you. Help others even if they are different. Love your children, your family and respect others. If there are differences, always look at it from the positive side, for example if your son is very tall tell him that he will be able to reach places where others cannot.

2. Think about family values. All families have values ​​or beliefs that help them understand the world. Whatever your values, advocate tolerating others and viewing differences as a good thing. Thus, if your child feels different, he will not have self-esteem problems, quite the opposite! You will be able to feel better about yourself and with others.

3. Expose children to differences. For children to understand and respect differences they will have to see it directly. For this, it is as easy as taking a walk around the city or the area where you live and allowing children to notice the differences between people, cultures and all the different points of view that may exist (points of view that are not necessarily must share, but must always be understood and respected). This will allow the child to see and respect others.

4. In addition, you will have to teach your child that in this society full of stereotypes and so little tolerant, it is important not participate in situations in which they degrade others, intolerance is an intolerable lack of respect towards others that we would not want towards ourselves.

5. Building children's self-esteem is essentialBecause if they feel good about themselves they will not feel threatened by the differences of others. Feeling confident is the best way to be able to explore the world, seeing differences as a good thing.

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