Shaun the sheep. Children's animated film

Shaun the sheep. Children's animated film

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If you are looking for a funny animated movie, 'Shaun the sheep' Will not disappoint you. A film based on the series known by the same name. The protagonist is a sheep that is not like the others. She is smart, fun, and resourceful. However, you need teamwork to carry out your ideas.

As life on the farm is monotonous and boring, Shaun she decides to come up with them to give all her classmates 'a day off'. However, things do not go as expected, and they end up involved in a hectic adventure in the big city. Her friends will follow her on a hilarious journey not without dangers.

Technical sheet of the movie 'Shaun the sheep':

Qualification: Shaun the sheep. The Movie (2015)

Country: UK and France

Director: Mark Burton and Richard Starzak

Producer: Aardman, Studio Canal

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