How to make paper flowers. Children's crafts

How to make paper flowers. Children's crafts

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Making paper flowers is a very simple and easy craft to do that will entertain children a lot. On our site we will teach you to make different colored flowers using paper napkins.

A craft that can entertain and keep children calm if we go out to eat at a restaurant or it can be a great gift for mom for Mother's Day. It is an activity that enhances children's concentration and motor coordination.

  • Green pinocchio paper
  • Colored napkins
  • Wire
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pliers

Tip: if you don't have wire, you can make the stem of the flower by rolling green colored paper, although the stem will have to be shorter because it will not be rigid.

1- We cut a piece of wire with pliers and then we open two napkins in half and place one on top of the other.

2- Go making accordion-shaped folds in the napkins together, that is, a fold for one side and another for the other.

3- Put the wire in the center of the napkins to hold them, it can also be done with another thinner napkin rolled up on itself.

4- Cut the edge of the napkins and lift the layers up one by one, taking care not to tear them.

5- Line the wire with paper pinocchio to make the effect of the stem. You can make flowers of different colors or sizes.

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