The little Prince. Children's cartoon movie

The little Prince. Children's cartoon movie

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'Only with the heart you can see well. The essential is invisible to the eyes'. It is one of the best known phrases of this masterpiece of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 'The little Prince'. It finally arrives adapted to the cinema for children.

It is an emotional, moving film, full of magic and of course, messages: the importance of what is small, what is not seen (feelings, emotions, the ties that unite people).

The Little Prince is a film full of values ​​for children: friendship, sacrifice, kindness, love, perseverance, honesty, sincerity ... A fantastic opportunity to review them with the children.

The Little Prince technical sheet:

Title: Le Petit Prince (France)

Year: 2015

Director: Mark Osborne

Production Company: Onyx Films / Orange Studio / On Entertaiment

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Video: Camille Turnaround - The Little Prince (July 2022).


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