Kitchen that heals children

Kitchen that heals children

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Many times we have heard it said that we are what we eat, but when something hurts, except for infusions, such as chamomile for the stomach, we rarely turn to food to mitigate pain or heal ourselves. The secret of the healing power of food is what the Dr. Vidales in his book Cooking that heals, a food vademecum to treat all kinds of ailments and, more importantly, prevent them.

It all started when this doctor with a passion for nutrition began to share daily moments of chat and coffee with her mother in the morning. In these little moments they talked about everything, their worries, their problems and, their mother, also their pain. As she says, she told him that she had felt unwell because her stomach hurt, she had felt burning, or she had had headaches or she had not slept at all. Obviously, these were not serious ailments, but rather discomforts that altered their quality of life.

This is how they began to build the vademecum. If your belly hurts, you better eat this and, at night, take this other. So that you sleep in one go all night, you should eat or drink this before going to bed. In less than a year, Dr. Vidales was writing down all the information she was getting from her breakfasts with her mother, following the same routine to treat pain and pathologies.

Today it is surprising to me that thanks to his advice I have been able to prevent cavities in my children with a simple vegetable, that the juice of certain fruits has helped me to combat the spring allergy or that there are foods that cure to treat multiple common ailments of children like colds, colds and flus, and even asthma. With food we can also prevent visual acuity and vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, growth problems such as growth retardation or short stature, of the skin such as dermatitis, atopic dermatitis or irritations , or stomach such as constipation or gastroenteritis, which often causes diarrhea in children.

And it is that in addition to knowing the amounts of vitamins and nutrients in food and what each one is for, I have enjoyed the practical advice to cook each food, method of preparation and the multiple cooking recipes that, explained step by step, collect the true elixir of health. Most of them are a true talisman to replenish the body and purify it against the disease. A wide range of wisdom that is especially appropriate for treating children, and that is based on the traditional methods of healing that modern society is losing.

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