Volleyball. Children's sport

Volleyball. Children's sport

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Children need, sooner or later, to play sports. After six or seven years of age, children have sufficiently developed the psychomotor apparatus and they are ready to choose the sport that they are most passionate about to start practicing it. There is no sport for every age, it depends largely on the abilities and abilities of each child. At first, parents are inclined for their children to practice team sports to promote their relationship with others as well as to develop physically.

Volleyball is a good sport for children to learn to work as a team, move and exercise quickly. Invented by physical trainer William G. Morgan in 1895, volleyball can be played at any time of year, indoors or out, in a gym, on a patio, or even on the sand on the beach.

Volleyball can be a perfect choice for an after-school activity or a recreational activity. It is a versatile sport, ideal to be practiced by a large group of children, promoting their education and group work while having fun. To play volleyball you only need a ball and a net that divides the field into two parts.

Each team consists of five players, who do not maintain physical contact with each other, each occupying an attack, defense and blocking position. In addition, as it is a sport with little physical contact, the injury rate is very small. To propel the ball in different game situations, various techniques are used; the child will learn to hit the ball avoiding its retention, dragging or accompaniment.

Words or positions within volleyball such as 'serve', 'touch of fingers or volley', 'low blow, forearm or fielding', 'shot' and 'block' are well known and used in volleyball matches, so the child will have to become familiar with them.

The variety and quantity of volleyball exercises are very wide, and its benefits are evident for the little ones in the house. Volleyball practice provides them with:

- Ability to combine rapid and reaction movements.
- Adaptation to situations that change continuously.
- Automated motor skills (running, jumping, etc.).
- Ability to balance and control.
- Motivation for integration, cooperation and teamwork. It is a game with high socializing content.
- Physical resistance and concentration.

Like all sports, volleyball also has a mini version. In this case, the mini-volleyball It is suitable for children and beginners. The difference is that it is played in a smaller space, with a smaller number of players per team and the ball is lighter.

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