What is and how is children's IQ measured?

What is and how is children's IQ measured?

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One good day your son comes home from school with the result of a test where it is determined if he is intelligent, very intelligent or not at all intelligent. Or you may even have a gifted child at home and you haven't even noticed. Is the result of a Inteligence test?

Measure the quotient or intelligence quotient of children has been done for decades and there is still no agreement on its reliability. That a test determines if the child is more or less intelligent is something many people do not accept and, nevertheless, year after year tests are still being done to measure the intelligence quotient of children.

IQ is the numerical result of an intelligence test that is performed on children. By means of a test, the Cognitive abilities of children, assessing their abilities, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Logic, deduction, reasoning ability, numerical skills or verbal skills are measured in a few minutes to determine whether the child is intelligent or not.

The results of the test define the children according to their intelligence, which may be in the average if the result of the IQ oscillates between 90 and 110. If the result is less than 70 it can indicate certain cognitive deficiencies or, to put it more bluntly, that the child is not very intelligent. On the other hand, those values ​​of the IQ that exceed the 130 they correspond to gifted children or directly geniuses.

Many voices are raised against of these tests to measure the intelligence quotient of children because the tests do not measure certain aspects such as, for example, emotional intelligence, sociability or empathy of children, very important aspects for intelligence that have nothing to do with ability to assimilate knowledge.

These tests that measure the IQ of children are a good way to discover a early age what capacities do you have more developed and in what areas you may have learning problems. But from there to determine the degree of intelligence of the child goes a world.

The main reason why we should not take the result of a IQ test it is because intelligence is not something measurable. While some continue to think that intelligent people are those with many academic degrees, others believe that intelligence is best measured based on the ability to be happy. The same thing happens with children. Does having a high IQ guarantee that I am a happy child? Absolutely.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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