Better planet for children and better children for our planet

Better planet for children and better children for our planet

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I just received an email from a friend who brought a very curious phrase, winner at a congress on sustainable living in Brazil. The phrase says: We all 'think' about leaving a better planet for our children ... When will we 'think' about leaving better children for the future of our planet?

Have you ever thought about that? The values ​​that children learn within the family are those that they will externalize in the future in front of the world.

I believe that the education that is received at home is what determines the attitudes and postures of children towards the world. A child who learns respect and honesty at home, through the example of his parents, will grow up and become a committed adult in all aspects, including respect for our planet.

The education of the children every day is being carried out by the caregivers, nurseries, schools, grandparents, older siblings, school and playground companions, apart from television, which makes the vigilance of parents even more important in regarding the orientation of the children's education. It is important know what children learn at school, with their educators and peers, with family and friends.

When will we realize that a better world depends on each one of us? What we do, what we commit ourselves to, the values ​​we express, where and how we use our capacities and abilities ... It seemed to me a topic that I should share with you because I think it deserves a reflection not only from parents as well as all of society. Do you think that with the education you are giving your son he will have the possibility of building a better world?

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