Ulysses and the Cyclops Polyphemus. Short stories for kids

Ulysses and the Cyclops Polyphemus. Short stories for kids

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The Greek mythology It contains the foundations of Western culture, but we understand that it is not always accessible to the little ones. At Guiainfantil we are adapting mythological legends in the form of short stories so that children can enjoy and learn at the same time.

This time we sail with the Greek hero Ulysses to the island of Sicily where he will meet some very special beings, the cyclops. The clash of Ulises with the cyclops Polyphemus it will be solved, once again, thanks to the ingenuity of the Greek hero.

Greek hero Ulises He was sailing back to his home on the island of Ithaca after the Trojan War. His wife Penelope was waiting for him there, full of patience, because the truth is that it took Ulysses a few years to arrive. And it is that on the way he had to make many stops and live a few adventures.

Sometimes Ulises and his sailors had to stop on some island to collect some food. So they came to the island of cyclops, the current Sicily. The Cyclops were strange beings, gigantones with enormous strength who had only one eye, but neither Ulysses nor his sailors knew of the existence of these beings. So they went into the island in search of food without any fear.

They walked and walked until they came to a huge cave and there they found some cheeses as big and as round as a roundabout. They brought out the wine they had and began to taste the delicious and enormous pecorino cheese. They were so calm when suddenly the ground began to shake under their feet, dozens of sheep began to enter the cave and behind them came an ugly and dirty giant with one eye. It was the cyclops Polyphemus.

Polyphemus closed the entrance to the cave with a stone so big that no man could move it and immediately smelled Ulises and his sailors. He got very angry that Cyclops are not particularly sociable and they don't like visitors.

- Who are you and why are you in my cave? -shout Polyphemus.

Ulises, who was the most cunning and intelligent Greek hero, he smelled trouble and his mind got to work fast.

- My name is No oneAnd these are my sailors, he said. Ulises.

- Ummmm, well, your sailors are very very rich, No one -He said Polyphemus while eating two of the sailors.

Ulises He tried to calm the enraged Cyclops by playing the flute and offered him a drink of the wine they were carrying. Polyphemus He had never tasted wine before and liked it so much that he drank the entire bottle. So he got a little tipsy and immediately fell asleep. Ulises He didn't really know how they were going to get out of that cave because it was impossible to move the huge stone that served as the door. But there was nothing impossible for the ingenious hero.

Ulises He picked up an olive branch and pricked the one eye of Polyphemus, leaving him blind and in pain. The Cyclops woke up screaming in pain and blindly managed to reach the door of the cave, moved the stone and went out to warn his Cyclops brothers who lived on the same island.

- Brothers, they have left me blind! - Polyphemus shouted

"Who made you blind, Polyphemus?" Asked his brothers.

- ¡No one has left me blind!

That was the answer of Polyphemus after what Ulises fool you with his name. Then the rest of the Cyclops thought it was Polyphemus' joke and they ignored him any more. So Ulysses and his sailors were able to leave the cave and run to the beach to embark on a new adventure.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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