Social media and children

Social media and children

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At a time when social networks are increasingly present, it is important that as parents, we educate our children in the proper use of these technologies.

With a little dedication and with the right tools you can guide your children to that they learn to surf the net without being involved in situations that could put them at risk. Your safety is always the most important.

Although at home you do not let the tablet or the smartphone your child will most likely be able to access them through their friends, since the percentage of children and adolescents with smartphone and Internet access is increasing. That is why it is important that since they are young you explain to them what are the basic rules that they must follow to make safe use of new technologies.

You must explain to your children that the attitude they should have on social media it is no different from what they would have when they interact with other people in their personal environment or at school. They should not use inappropriate language or insult anyone because whoever is on the other side of the screen is a person just like them.

You must explain to the children that The internet is not a safe place And that anyone can really be behind a profile, so it is prudent that they only add people they know to their social networks. At this point, it is also important that they understand that the information they share on the Internet is susceptible to being used for negative purposes, so they should avoid sharing private information or information related to the places where they are and their hours.

The photographs they share is another important topic to discuss with your children. Photos can be used in many ways, many of them to make fun of people or memes that may ridicule them. In no case should they share photos that they do not feel comfortable showing to other people, passwords are not always infallible and the cyberbullying or harassment are frequent online activities from which it is better to protect oneself.

To ensure that children are not victims of any such aggression and also to verify that their behavior with others on the Internet is appropriate, you must be able to access your child's online activity. Monitoring their movements will help you detect potential problems before they become serious.

It seems like hackneyed advice, but the reality is that all the measures you take to keep your children safe are based on communication, so don't stop talking to children about everything they face in their day-to-day lives. Share anecdotes and ask them about what interests them.

If you can make your children feel comfortable talking to you about anything, it will be easier for them to count on you when they face new situations that are difficult for them to understand or handle.

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