The princess and the peasant. Stories for children

The princess and the peasant. Stories for children

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Once upon a time, a precious kingdom ruled by two very good kings named Rafael de Málaga and his precious wife Isabel de Málaga. These kings wanted with all their hearts to have a daughter, and they were trying for a long time, but no matter how hard they tried, their wish was not fulfilled.

On a beautiful day, like never before, with beautiful butterflies fluttering from side to side and a beautiful huge rainbow that swept across the entire kingdom, Queen Elizabeth informed her husband that the doctor had come to visit her and had said she was pregnant, she was expecting a girl.

The happy husband ordered everyone to be invited to a great party to celebrate the wonderful news. The girl was born earlier than they expected, she was born very weak, but when everyone thought that there would be no hope for her, three magical fairies appeared. The fairy of happiness, the fairy of strength and the fairy of love. The fairies approached King Raphael and told him that they would bestow three gifts on his daughter. The first, the fairy of happiness, gave her the gift of making those around her happy.

The second, the fairy of strength, granted her the gift of having strength in the face of adversity, which at that time was one of the most important, since it would be the one that would make her survive. The third, the fairy of love, gave her the gift of being able to love a person with all her heart. The girl managed to survive and her parents called her Ana, because Ana meant that of grace, and according to the wise men of the kingdom she would be a good, loving and sensitive person.

And so it was, the girl was very good and made everyone around her happy, because she had the gift of doing it. Ana was one of the most beautiful girls in the kingdom, she had a beauty both outside and inside, that all the girls in the kingdom envied. But Ana's parents from before she was born committed her to the prince of Jaén, since Rafael longed to be able to unite the two kingdoms, and that was the only way.

The years went by, and our dear and precious Ana was already a nineteen-year-old woman. She had become a tremendously pretty woman, and all the princes of the kingdoms near her dreamed of being able to marry her. One beautiful summer day, Ana went out to the forest with her beautiful white horse to pick strawberries, followed by beautiful butterflies, because not even the animals could be controlled with such beauty close by.

But suddenly a boy appeared, apparently a peasant, with a beggar appearance, not really very handsome, but he looked very happy. The boy was impressed with the princess, he knew instantly that he had fallen in love with the girl with the horse. The princess approached the young man and asked him why he was so happy, the boy almost without being able to articulate a word, since he had not yet managed to get out of the spell of his eyes, he replied: you my lady, you are the one who makes me happy It has been to see it and know what full happiness is.

The princess, was a little confused, without knowing very well what to say, she got off the horse and approached the boy, and looking into his eyes asked him what his name was. The boy, embarrassed for not having introduced himself earlier, bowed and told her that his name was Javi and that he was a peasant who worked cultivating the fields.

The two young men spent the whole afternoon walking and talking, he made her laugh and she made him blush every time their eyes met. When night fell she had to go, as her parents were waiting for her at the palace to give her very important news.

When she arrived at the palace, she found that her parents were gathered in the main hall waiting for her, with a very handsome boy. She approached and asked what was the news they had to give her. Her parents told her that from the moment they knew that she was going to come into the world, she was engaged to Prince Andrés de Jaén, who was the handsome boy who was by her side.

She and the prince went to the courtyard to meet, instantly the princess realized that the prince was conceited and arrogant, and she did not want to marry him for the world. During the following year, while everyone was preparing the wedding of the princes, Princess Anne kept going to the forest to be able to talk with her friend Javi the peasant. She told him that she did not want to marry Prince Andrew, because he was a very conceited boy and could never love him.

The day of the wedding, the princess woke up very sad, because she knew that she could no longer do anything and that today she would be Princess Ana de Jaén, she was very sad. Her housekeepers helped her dress in the dress she had bought for her wedding, and they too were saddened, knowing that the princess did not love the prince.

At the time of the wedding, while the priest was marrying them, a young peasant appeared at the door shouting to stop the wedding, saying that they could not marry because he loved the princess and although he did not know if she reciprocated, he knew that she did not she loved the prince and he wanted her to be happy and marry the man she wanted.

The prince's mother, who was actually an evil sorceress, seeing that her parents were unwilling to force their daughter to marry someone she did not love, she turned into a dragon and went straight to the peasant to kill him for his betrayal. The prince, with great courage faced the evil sorceress, riding on his horse went towards her sheathing his sword.

It was a difficult task, as the evil sorceress used any spell to cast fire from her mouth, and even fly with her small dragon wings. But the brave peasant, with a force greater than magic, the love he felt for the princess, made him have enough strength to defeat the evil sorceress.

In the end, the princess and the peasant were married, and every day they went to ride in the forest, to drink chocolate from the rivers, because the chocolate from the rivers of that area was the sweetest in the whole country. And the two young men, with a beautiful final kiss, lived happily and ate partridges.


This story has been sent by Javier (Madrid, Spain)

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