How to celebrate Father's Day with children

How to celebrate Father's Day with children

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The March, 19, is celebrated in Spain on Father's day, since it is the name day of Joseph, father of Jesus. It is a very special date for parents, since it is a tribute that children pay them for all the care and selfless love they give them.

Some children make crafts at school to give to their parents, others open their piggy banks to buy a little detail and there are even those who display all their potential as artists and make original drawings for their parents. When they are very young, we are the mothers, who take care of it. This is my case.

On the first Father's Day we celebrate at home, we use finger paint to make a painting with my oldest son's hands. The second year, I made a collage with photos of the child and framed it. The third had to beat me, so I created two magazine covers. I used two well-known magazines, I replicated the typography, the colors and the headline form.

In one, my oldest son came out and in another the little one, who was only a 7-month-old baby. But, it was so much work that, since then, I dedicated myself to lower the bar and not get so complicated.

Ultimately, the gift is not so important, but the sense of the date. It is an ideal occasion to enjoy a family day. After all, parenthood is a fascinating time in a parent's life. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a gift, or go crazy, like me doing something better every year. The important thing is to spend the day with the children: laugh, play, watch a movie, go for a walk, cook ...

In any case, our site offers you many resources to make this day unforgettable.

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