The siesta: an antidote to childhood depression and anxiety

The siesta: an antidote to childhood depression and anxiety

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Camilo José Cela, a Spanish writer, already said that the siesta is Iberian yoga. This pleasant habit not only makes them relax as they avoid problems like depression, anxiety and hyperactivity.

Among the many materials that are requested when children start to go to school, the cushion is one of them. The little ones learn that the nap, this little period of sleep after the meal, is so important how much they eat. This little hour of sleep after they eat will 'recharge their batteries' and make them grow. The well-known neurophysiologist Eduard Estivill credits that a nap is essential for children up to at least five years of age.

There are several studies that support the benefits of a child's nap. The latest one that has come to light reveals that this practice is also important to avoid problems such as depression and anxiety in children. A large group of children between 4 and 5 years old participated in the research and divided them into two teams: those who took naps and those who did not. 77 percent of the children used to take a nap, while the rest stayed awake all day.

After in-depth research on children's habits, family makeup and behavior, it was concluded that children who did not enjoy a good nap had higher levels of hyperactivity, anxiety and depression. That it is better to keep the children awake all day for them to have better sleep at night is a wrong theory of some parents according to this new study.

Rest for a while, even for about 30 minutes, after lunch, reduces the possibility of the child suffering from depression, anxiety and hyperactivity. In addition, it increases their ability to learn, to better assimilate the experiences and stimulations they receive. Napping is essential for your development, it helps you to clear your mind and regain your energy in front of another day of activities until it is time for snack, dinner and a night's sleep. Sleep, as well as many other activities so necessary to child developmentIt is a habit that must be instilled in children from the earliest age. If you get your child used to napping and a good night's sleep, one doesn't have to influence the other. It all depends on the value of sleep in the family. If you insist on teaching your child to sleep and he resists, it may be for another reason. Talk to your pediatrician to find the causes.

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