Saint Dionysius Day, March 10. Names for boys

Saint Dionysius Day, March 10. Names for boys

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Dionysus is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'the divine young man'. It is a name of original beauty due to its close relationship with the Greek god Dionysus.

Although it is not a very frequent name, it can be ideal for your child if you want to infuse him with all the strength of the oldest tradition. He celebrates his name day on March 10, which is the day of San Dionisio.

Due to the meaning of his name, Dionisio implies a charismatic personality, of a passionate and very emotional nature. Dionisio has an outgoing character and is a winner in social relationships because of that halo of mystery and the influence that his name continues to exert. Given his creativity, his abilities are directed, especially, to the artistic field.

The name Dionisio is used in all languages ​​with some variations. Especially attractive is the Denis shape used in English, French, Icelandic and Albanian, which gives it a more modern touch. Its diminutive Dioni is also very frequent. In any case, the name Dionysus is still in force today like many other names that link directly to Greek mythology.

Because your son's name was borne by one of the most popular Greek gods, Dionysus. Known for being the god of wine and excesses, Dionysus was also the forerunner of agriculture, in permanent contact with nature. In addition, its link with concepts such as freedom and revolution are very attractive, without forgetting that it was the inspiration for that indispensable literary genre that was the Greek Tragedy.

At present, the name Dionisio is not familiar to that unclassifiable character, half thief hero, half television showman that is Dioni. But we also meet American actors Dennis Quaid and Dennis Hopper, as well as Spanish poets Dionisio Ridruejo and Dionisio Cañas.

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