Videos about baby sleep

Videos about baby sleep

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Children's sleep is the day or night period during which children rest and which has the function of regulating and repairing the body. It is essential for the control of energy and body temperature. Sleep replenishes and restores bodily processes, which have been damaged during the day.

We offer you some videos about the sleep of babies and children that seek to solve some doubts about this process, how the right moment to go from cradle to bed, bruxism, sleep disorders or co-sleeping.

Informative videos about the sleep of children and babies. Don't miss out on these fabulous audiovisuals that aim to solve parents' doubts about their children's dreams.

How much children sleep. There is a sleep chart for babies and children. The sleep table tells us how many hours children should sleep depending on their age. However, the number of hours is not the most important thing. It is essential to take care of the quality of our children's sleep.

Teach the baby to sleep. Children's sleep is a need of the body, so it is important to teach children to sleep and, also, that they learn to fall asleep on their own. Take note of the advice that Eduard Estivill, pediatrician and co-author of the book Pediatrics with Common Sense, gives you in the following video.

The co-sleeping. Dr. Francisco Hijano explains to the readers of our site what co-sleeping is, the advantages and disadvantages of this practice and the cases in which it is contraindicated. The benefits and the care that is recommended when dividing the bed with the children to sleep.

Prevent sleep disorders. Homeopathic solutions for sleep disorders in children. Homeopathy for children who sleep badly. Homeopathy as a treatment for some sleep disorders in children.

Bruxism in children. Children also clench their jaws or grind their teeth at night when sleeping. This dentist tells us something else about this problem, bruxism. How to treat bruxism and what are the bad consequences of bruxism for the health of children's teeth.

From the crib to the bed. We ask the doctor if it is good for the baby to sleep with his parents and at what age should the child be changed from the crib to the bed? Doctor Eduard Estivill explains some of the advantages why it is recommended that the baby sleep with the parents for the first months and offers some clues to face this change.

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Video: Lullabies Lullaby For Babies To Go To Sleep Baby Song Sleep Music-Baby Sleeping Songs Bedtime Songs (May 2022).


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