I'm going to be a dad. OMG!

I'm going to be a dad. OMG!

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Everywhere I go, I see parents who prepare the bottle for their children, who have no qualms about changing their diapers, who play, hug and kiss their little ones, who take them to the pediatrician, who bathe them and give them dinner. ..

A dad who equates his tasks to mom's, ... Today's dads are great!

The care of the children and the establishment of affective bonds are no longer an exclusive task of the mothers, the parents have a lot to say in this regard, some almost more experts than their wives in these responsibilities. What it seems that they still approach more passively, especially because nature has not equipped them for it, is pregnancy, although undoubtedly many parents tell themselves that they are pregnant, due to the high degree of involvement they have in the pregnancy of his wife and in the joy of waiting for his son from the woman he has chosen as a companion.

It is over to say that the father does not paint anything in this pregnancy because he does not house the baby in his womb and does not go through the adventure of nine months of analysis, cravings, annoyances, fears, midwives, sensitive and growing bellies and breasts. There are some parents who not only paint, they also write about it. Fabrice Florent, the author of the book 'OMG I'm going to be a dad' with singular simplicity and a lot of humor, he deals with the daily experience of his wife's pregnancy.

This father writes his experiences as future father: confirmation of the pregnancy, the choice of name, preparation of the nest, change of car, changes in his wife's body, emotions and sensitivity to the surface, worries, analyzes, ultrasounds, preparation for childbirth and the desired and only time to meet your child, as he says: "the slap". Without a doubt, a hilarious newspaper, intelligently treated to captivate the reader. Surely if you are pregnant, you will feel very identified and, if you have already gone through this experience, you will remember wonderful and fun episodes that bring with it the loving expectation of a child and the experience of pregnancy as something that increases the complicity and union of the couple. Very fun, easy to read and very close, I recommend it!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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