Saint Marino's Day, March 3. Names for boys

Saint Marino's Day, March 3. Names for boys

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Marino is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the one who comes from the sea'. It is a rare name but it is not at all outdated and its scarce use means that it maintains all the originality that your child needs.

It is also possible to use its Marín variant and it celebrates its birthday on March 3, which is the day of San Marino.

By the meaning of his name, Marino implies a restless and awake mind. Marino has a lot of self-confidence and a great capacity for organization, making it easy for him to become the leader of his group of friends. In addition, Marino arouses great admiration for his special charisma and because he is always surrounded by a mysterious attraction.

The name Marino is frequent in other languages ​​with hardly any variations and there are many illustrious characters who have borne the name of your son throughout history, both in his Marino form and in his Marin variant. We also find it in surnames and place names. Without a doubt, the most famous place is the Republic of San Marino, one of the smallest states in the world located on the Italian peninsula. San Marino is a top tourist destination, as well as hosting a Formula 1 and Motorcycling Grand Prix. But Marino is also a typical Dublin neighborhood and we find cities with the same name from the US to Ukraine.

The cycling world welcomes several representatives of the name of your son, with the Italian Marino Basso and the Spanish Marino Alonso and Marino Lejarreta. But the most interesting evocations of your child's name come from its meaning related to the sea.

To find out the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of March, consult our calendar of the names of March saints. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

And besides, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

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