Things of being a working woman and mother

Things of being a working woman and mother

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Every March 8 is celebrated Working Women's Day o International Women's Day, so before we get down to business ... Congratulations to all the women! A way to commemorate the struggle of women in equality with men, in their total integration in society and in their development as a person.

I know many brave women, brave, intelligent, generous and hardworking women. I know women who work since they are very young, others who have worked their entire lives, and some who still try. But today those are in my mind who are my reference and who embody everything that I would like to be, today I think of my mother.

I started working seriously when I finished university. I have worked in different companies, I have been a trainee, a freelancer and an employee. I have worked at home and with odd jobs. But, the real work, the hard work, the constant daily work, the one that lasts 24 hours a day, came a few years ago with the birth of my oldest son. I now have three children, and in this time my life has radically changed.I am no longer a woman, a worker and a mother. Now I am a working mother and a woman, in that order. These are the things that have changed in my life in this time:

- Sleep: What has happened to my dream that is no longer deep? At the second cough of a child during the night, I already run down the hall because I already know that the third one comes with vomit.

- Personal care: I am thinking of the hundreds of times that I have left the house without looking in the mirror, I have even discovered myself one day in slippers from being at home when I was already in the elevator.

- All for them: Finally one day I go out to buy clothes for myself, but I come back with bags for them because I remembered that one needed socks, the other new shoes and that my oldest son's shirts had been too small for him.

- To use the phone: where are those afternoons when I could spend an hour talking to my friends on the phone despite having seen them that same day. Now, I still wonder why, every time the phone rings, some little people appear as if by infused science to tell me that they have fallen, that they have painted a picture, that I read them a story or that they are hungry.

- Social relationships: my world has changed, I no longer go out to dinner with friends. My world is the park and my new friends, the parents of my children's friends. It's funny how we can have a conversation peppered with ... "don't put your feet in the puddle", "get down from there, you're going to fall", "don't stick to friends".

- Recycling meals: nothing is thrown away at home. Everything that is left over or a child does not eat, is part of my usual menu. Eating children's leftovers is normal, sweets included.

- Time for me: Every day I propose that when I finish my homework I will set aside a little time to read a book or watch a movie on TV. But every day, I end up lying on the bed sleeping with the TV on, the remote in my hand, and sometimes snoring (excuse me, one is allergic) and ... dreaming that I am working.

Congratulations to all the women and all the mothers!

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