Quick and easy second course recipes for kids

A main dish is the centerpiece of any child's lunch or dinner, so finding healthy and balanced recipes is important. For working mothers, as well as fathers, it can be challenging.

On our site we have put together some nutritious but easy and quick recipes to prepare, so that parents without much time to cook can maintain a balanced diet as a family.

Prepare these recipes for main dishes, perfect for working mothers, which are ideal for the correct feeding of children.

Ham And Cheese Quiche. For any dinner or a birthday party, a quiche can be the solution. On our site we offer you the ham and cheese quiche, quick and easy. Ham and cheese quiche recipe for kids.

Fish meatballs. How to make healthy and quick fish meatballs for dinner or children's lunch. A good way for children to eat and taste the vitamins in fish. our site teaches you how to prepare delicious fish meatballs, step by step, with that easy and very simple recipe to prepare.

Salmon papillote. The salmon papillote can be prepared in less than 10 minutes and then, to grill, it will only take about 15 more. A recipe that can be prepared for both lunch and dinner for children.

Potato omelette with peas and ham. Omelette recipe with peas, potatoes and ham. our site offers you a step-by-step, with photos, of this nutritious recipe for children's lunch or dinner. A dish rich in vitamins and minerals.

Chicken and cheese balls. Easy chicken recipe for kids. Chicken and cheese balls, a simple starter for children's meals. easy recipes for kids. Recipes with chicken for children's meals. recipe for chicken balls with cheese.

Eggs on the plate in the microwave. Recipe for eggs on the plate with sausages. Microwave recipe for working moms and dads. our site proposes a quick and easy recipe for children's dinner.

Grilled sole with lemon. Fish recipe. Grilled sole with lemon. The diet of babies and children should include fish dishes. And if they're sick, this mild grilled sole with lemon will help them feel better.

Microwave chicken thighs. Chicken is a highly recommended meat for children, low in fat and easy to cook with this recipe for microwave roasted chicken thighs, a quick and inexpensive dish. Quick Microwave Roasted Chicken Recipe.

Ham and cheese croquettes. Homemade ham and béchamel croquettes recipe. How to make béchamel croquettes with ham. Easy croquettes recipes for children. Ham croquettes recipe step by step. Croquettes are a type of appetizer that is highly demanded by children, both for lunch or for dinner.

Filetes de San Jacobo. Easy recipe for breaded steaks with ham and cheese. San Jacobo recipe for children. Children's dinners should be varied, and for this nothing better than a classic recipe such as San Jacobo steaks, homemade and quick.

Hake With Tomato. From 9 months of age it is recommended to introduce fish in the diet of babies. Here is a very gentle recipe for your baby to get to know the taste and texture of hake. Hake with tomato recipe for children.

Chicken Burgers. Learn how to make this recipe for homemade chicken burgers for kids. Easy and quick recipe to prepare for children's lunch or dinner. Healthy hamburger with white meat. our site teaches you how to make chicken burgers, step by step.

Chipá de queso. The chipá or chipa is a typical cheese bread from Paraguay and the Argentine northeast. If you have never tried chipá, it is time for you to make this recipe at home since it is very easy to prepare and because of its flavor it will delight children.

Spaghetti omelette. Tortilla recipe or spaghetti frittata with ham for children. The frittata is a specialty of Italian cuisine very similar to the omelet or omelet that we all know. What's more, it is usually prepared in the same way.

MORE RECIPES FOR WORKING MOTHERS. Selection of quick and inexpensive recipes for working mothers, a perfect menu for children's lunches and dinners. In less than half an hour you can prepare healthy and delicious dishes. Simple recipes for mothers who have very little time to spend in the kitchen. Recipes for children.

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